Came out my wife's best friend sleeps with her step bro and has a Tumblr account portraying it as true incest. I want nothing to do with her and want my wife not to either but my wife just says that she didn't do anything to her. What do I do? It is so embarrassing being asked how my wife can be okay with that


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Step bother is not blood related. There is no incest involved.

Not the best decision but nothing wrong here!

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Ahh . . It's Marsha and Greg Brady ALL over again!

Incest is direct blood relatives . . . A step brother is usually a brother from another marriage by law and not by blood.

She could sleep with a third cousin and still be safe from incest . . . So I am unsure as to your issues? . . . Is it the pubilcially professed site?

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You say "yet a step brother can marry a non-blood related step sister (or step brother) without it being incest."---which, again, is not true.

Incest laws may also include prohibitions of unions between biologically unrelated individuals if there is a close legal relationship, such as adoption.
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I think you are correct. I've found several articles including a direct siting from a California Penal Code:
"If the siblings are adopted, even if they are not related by blood, the courts consider them to be related. Specifically under California Penal Code Sec 285, provided that they are within the level of 'consanguinity' (meaning that they are close relatives as defined under state law to be considered incestuous), they are in violation of the law. Their blood ties have nothing to do with it, if they are currently brother and sister, they cannot marry as it would violate state law. Here is the code and the past case law that described that blood has nothing to do with consanguinity, but the close relationship between the parties"
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I would assume, that since I only found articles regarding "Marriage" . . . that the act of sex itself would some how also be considered illegal. Even if consensual . . .
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Incest is a word we usually learn about when someone makes a comment about a specific situation that is an example of the word.

Unfortunately, that implies that incest has a very precise and obvious meaning.

Like most things we assume, the understanding of the meaning of "incest" gained in that way is incomplete.

Incest is the crime of sexual intercourse, cohabitation, or marriage between persons within the degrees of consanguinity or affinity wherein marriage is legally forbidden.

And, each society has its own system for determining the range of people who fall into this category, every society has an incest taboo of some sort.

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