For months now my friend been asking to lend her money. She has paid me back every time. I do it because I like her so much but I get the feeling I'm being used. I want to block her # and move on but I can't. What's stopping me and I how can finally end it with her? Am I doing the right thing?


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You should annoyingly bug her until she pays back your money, and then she won't ask you for money as much. This way you'll get your money back and she won't ask you to borrow it, so you guys can still hang out if you like her.

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Why do you have to stop being friends just because you don't want to loan her money? Just say no. She'll either understand or she won't, either way problem solved.

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Well that is up to you.  You have to ask yourself .. Why is it she can not get a loan from a bank or from a parent, or closer relative and that she needs to reach out to her friends like you.

Being taken advantage of by a 'needy' friend is nothing new. You SHOULD be cautious .. no question about it.  If you find it becoming a problem that she 1) can't repay you 2) keeps asking for more .. then it's obviously time say "NO more" and insist that she not only stop asking you for more, but find a way to repay what she owes you.

She may just be someone that continues to ask because you continue to enable her.

Stop enabling .. say no .. come to the realization that she either can not pay you back or she literally just has no intention on paying you back.

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