My friend has been asking me for money and other favors. I was going to end it with her but she says she won't ask anymore. She also told me she wants to get closer to me, friendship wise. So should I stay her friend or forget about her and move on?


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You told her you don't like her asking you for money and she agreed to stop......if she stops then you have an understanding  and a friend :) if she continues to ask you for money ... OFF WITH HER HEAD ! ... (That just means cut her out your life doesn't literally mean grab a machete and aim for  her neck ) <-----that's a disclaimer.

  Edit : I just read  @roosters answer and it made me think of the wise words of Kanye :) he's kinda a genius really :) so I had to post his wisdom along with mine ;) 

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Before you become too comfortable with her pop onto Google and use the search string, "Define sucker".

I'd say you're well rid of her.

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She sounds like a "gold digger" to me. As long as you do favors and lend money? You'll be her best friend. I would get out of that right away and move on. Hate to hurt your feelings but she sounds like a user ! A future ex-wife ! Do yourself a favor and forget about her. Plenty of nice women out there.

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That is hard to say .. I guess it would depend on just how good of a friend you consider her.  Perhaps she has pushed her boundaries a bit .. And that in itself should raise flags .. But, not enough to dictate that you need to cut off your relationship cold turkey .. Why not just play it out and pay attention.  Just be cautious when using the term 'friend'.  It is a term that is hastily used and shouldn't be. She may turn out to just be a friendly aquaintance instead.

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she wants to get "closer" to you put it to the test dont give her anything but a kind word and a smile and see if she still hangs around but experience has taught me not to hold my breath

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We all need someone with whom to share our feelings. Our joys are doubled when we can share them with a friend. Our griefs are lessened by the sympathetic ear of a friend. There are those who have tried to “buy” friends—giving money, expensive gifts and entertainment—only to find true what one person wrote: “A friend that you have to buy won’t be worth what you pay for him, no matter what that may be.” When you stop giving, he may stop loving. To have persons show us unselfish love usually requires that we display that same unselfishness. It costs us something—no, not money—but we have to be willing to sacrifice some of our time and show genuine concern for another. There are many ways, even small ones, in which to show that you care about her. At times a gift, not to “buy” a person’s friendship, but as a token of affection, says that you care.

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