I know this is my umpteenth time asking about this but I just want to be sure. I'll probably text her saying hey, how have you been? She said before she wants to get closer to me, friendship wise. What does that mean? If I could just read her mind..


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She just means she wants to be close friends. Not really in a dating sense but close friends. :)

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Not sure what it is you want to hear .. But, youre obsessing over this, and now it seems to be a little unsettling.  Who knows what SHE wants, or intends, or is thinking .. Not you .. Not anyone on this obscure website .. No one .. If you want a definitive answer to your question about the details of what she's thinking or is intending .. Then ask HER!

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Tom Jackson answered

Why try to read her mind?

Why not just ask her what she means?

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