What should I tell my friend haven't seen her in a while?
Well there's this friend... one of my best friends actually i haven't seen her in 3 months lately and i haven't messaged her since when i always try to because i really do want to talk to her but my mind is telling me that i shouldn't because she's maybe busy, or im probably gonna bother her. Im just doubting myself i guess... i never was a good talker better listener. Anyways i miss her but i really don't know what to say to her exactly like how to start the conversation and plus i guess that im just scared what she'll say once she gets the message and types back and stuff to me its been pretty long and im really sad that i can't even talk to her right now well message actually but still... i really do want to talk to her just having trouble on what to say really. 


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hey gurl I know what you are feeling , you aren’t much of a
conversation starter and you don’t know how to start talking to a friend you haven’t talked to in months .

you know sometimes I feel that sometimes, I just see this person I really haven’t seen in ages and I just don’t know whether to talk to her/him or not , I usually feel more confident texting people than approaching them in real life , I usually get hesitant when talking to someone I haven’t talked to in ages , I usually quickly text hey or hello or whatever you like to start with , and  they usually reply back soon  when they reply back I may say I haven’t seen or talked to you in ages how ya been? That’s what I usually start the conversation
with, and then the conversation flows on naturally , the only thing I say for this is , ‘don’t be afraid to say hey ‘ you don’t know maybe the person misses you too , plus it’s a best friend , girl you don’t need to worry or fear rejection , they probably excited to tell you what they’ve been up to and how you’ve been just be conversational a conversations got to start somewhere :D good luck :)

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If you are true friends, then you will naturally stick together. You have to hold on to that friendship for it to be real.

Say something like,  "I feel like we're drifting apart. Are we still friends? I miss you, you are really important to me."

Something as simple as that can get her to talk to you again. Keep it natural, and remember, she can't see you through texting. Good luck! I hope you continue to be friends!

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