Is it weird that me and my best friend don't talk anymore? cause I haven't talked or seen her in 2 to 3 years and I get sad and depressed just thinking about it.


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He or she isn't your best friend  then if you don't talk anymore :/ I have the most happy best friend dying video to post though :) it's the saddest song if you listen to the lyrics .... But the dancing can't help but make you smile :) I can't remember where I found it .... But aight ;)

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It is not uncommon to outgrow your childhood best friend. I wouldn't waste time or energy getting sad or depressed over it. If you want to talk again, make an effort and do so. But you may find you have little in common anymore. You could also focus on the friends you have now.

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It's weird that you still consider her your best friend yet you don't bother to take the initiative to make contact.

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Friends come and go, they always will. Do you have no friends closer than someone you haven't heard from in years? Might be time to reassign that "bestie" title.

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Remember, as you grow and mature, your interests—as well as those of your friends—tend to change. Thus, two people who once shared much in common may find that they are slowly but steadily growing apart. So when friends grow up, they sometimes grow apart—not because they are mad at each other, but because they develop different goals, interests, and values. It may even be best that a friendship ended. Seek out new friendships.

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