I told a friend that I've known for 3 years that I like her, mistake on my part. She won't tell me how she feels about me she just says we'll meet up soon. It's been about 2 weeks since we talked. I taught she liked me but now I'm not sure? We've hang out a couple of times, we're friends on social media, texted each other often and use to work together. If she liked me I'm sure she would have told me by now instead of having me wait. I think the reason why she won't tell me is because the 10 year age gap between us, I'm 23 and she's 33 and she doesn't want our friendship to end or hurt my feelings. If so what should I do, just wait or move on? Should I still remain her friend even though she does not have the courage to tell me how she feels about me? Also it's her that use to text me first after we haven't talked in a while. After 2 months and again after 1 month. Ps. I told her I want to move on but I want to know your feelings first. So it could be that she's not interested in me like that but don't want to loose me. So I probably shouldn't have told her that either.


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You've been talking about this woman since October 2016. I'm glad you told her how you feel, she obviously doesn't feel the same, if a woman really liked you she would let you know. You really need to move on, you are obsessing about this which isn't healthy.

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Unique Hold
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Yeah, its the same girl. That was something I had to get off my chest so I'm glad I did it but now that I know she does not feel that same way about me I told her to not worry about it. We can stay just friends. I wouldn't want to loose the friendship we already have. I feel a lot better now and can move on peacefully.
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She is something else. After I told her we should stay friends she instead asks me when are we hanging out? Maybe she likes me, maybe not
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I think you need to establish whether she wants a relationship or a friendship Unique Hold, because it's not fair to live in hope if she is just using you do run errands. At least if she makes her intentions clear you will know where you stand. You've been brave enough to ask her. Maybe you should also increase your social circle so that you have other opportunities to meet someone who returns your affections. All the best
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As Pepper Pot has pointed out, you've been having this issue since last year. You need to learn how to let it go before you cross over into obsessing about someone that doesn't share your feelings. There is a 10 year age gap. She may not feel comfortable about that.

If you've had no positive feedback when you share your feelings, you need to learn how to let it go and move on. You haven't been willing to let it go - you're still obsessing over this woman. This is 8 months worth of this drama.

If you want a relationship with someone, recognize that it won't be her. Hang out with her if you want to but don't try and change her mind. You cannot force her to reciprocate your feelings.

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