I just told my friend that I like we should stop seeing each other. I told her its because I like her a lot and need to get pass it. She told me she doesn't know what to say but I'm sure I won't be hearing from her again? Now I'm in my depress state. How long until I recover? Any tips for a quick recovery?


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You need to lighten up, UH. You have to be a friend to have friends. Obsessing over others liking you as much as you think you like them is (from the general tenor of your questions) handicapping your ability to participate effectively in social relations. Why can't you just allow someone to be a friendly acquaintance with their own agenda, instead of being preoccupied with overthinking every situation, every text message. Relax your paranoia, no cause to be so needy. Stop tormenting yourself.  Every encounter with the opposite gender need not be a precurser to some species of romance, nor does every acquaintance need to be your BFF, but handling your business this way would quickly slap the label of "creep" on you, and leave you in a lonely place. 

The question that first comes to mind here is, how old ARE you?

One last thought: how will you behave if someone eventually does become more than just friendly? 

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There is no such thing as a 'quick fix' in matters of the heart.  Wounds take time to heal .. And heal at at their own pace. Each wound differs from the next .. No two are exactly alike.

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You need some more eggs in your basket. Make a diary and then fill it with things to do. Go out to different places and meet new people. Do these things despite how you are feeling, sometimes a change of circumstances is what we need to free ourselves.

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Everyone is different so we cannot tell you how long it will take. To help getting over it. Get out and do things you like to do.  Meet with friends. Take walks.

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