Her name is madi. We dated for a month. Within that time she broke up with me. We gave it another try but now this time her parents don’t want me to see her but she still wants me. Her parents are from different culture. She told me they treat her like crap and she can’t leave them because they take all her money from her checks. Should I have fought for her? If I could talk to her parents, is it worth the last effort? She means everything to me. I’m really devastated right now


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She chose money over you... What does that tell you about this "one month old relationship down the tube" gold digger! Consider it a get out of jail free card and move on!

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Okay, well that changes the situation a bit. 😔
Sounds like she is very controlled and manipulated by her parents. Cultures can be very difficult to deal with because it's traditions/beliefs passed down from generation to generation. This is a tough situation for sure. I am sorry you are going through this. And I'm sorry she is going through this to. It must be very difficult. Do you think she thinks she is someone worth fighting for?
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I know she is worth it. The whole time we dated we never argued. I swear on my life we both had a deep connection even if it was for a month, she showed me things about myself I never knew were there. How can I let go of someone who showed me my true self? I want to fight for her but I’m not sure if I can. Once it ended she said to never contact her and that broke me even more. Is there still a chance, i don’t want it to end if I didn’t try to at least fight for her.
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Is she in a culture where once she hits a certain age she is free to do what she wants or is it more of a culture where she is considered ones "property?"
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If she cares enough for you she would move out and get her own place and leave her parents. Right now, she is under their control so there's nothing you can do . Now where she lives , she may not be able to leave her family and go on her own. Most likely her parents are controlling her money whether she gets it from working or they get a disability check for her . If that's the case there's not much she can do and not much that you can do. Her parents could call the police if you insist on seeing her or contacting her. You don't know what the laws where she lives heck the police could show up where your at and give you one fine warning to leave her be. You really need to be careful and it all depends her age too. Okay she broke up with you one than you two gave it another try but her parents don't want you to be with her. Who says her parents can't bring legal actions against you for trying to see their daughter? You just better play things cool cause you just don't know what her parents can do but my opinion is what i worry about. Is her parents holding her with them against her will ?  Is she being falsely imprisoned by them? Does the laws where she's from allow that to go on? There is lot things that could be . My opinion is to play things as you see them if she doesn't want be with you than let her go. Really her parents could be in trouble with the law,  if their holding her against her will and they could get in trouble with the law, than again you got to see what the laws are where she lives cause there may not be no laws against holding one against their will where she lives. It's really hard to say but i would play things cool . Tell her if she ever wants to talk that you will lend a listening ear but do not force yourself to see her remember them controlling parents can bring criminal charges against you , no one knows what the laws are where she lives they could do anything that's why my advice is play things cool. Best Wishes on this matter .I hope someday things play out in your favor.

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Mate damage is already been done. Don't waste your anymore.

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