I got some problems in love...after my gf discovered an anime world , my relationship with her got destroyed. Because we live separated , when we text message we do "roleplays" , those roleplays first started with only us , we played like we live with eachother , and i loved that kind of stuff because it maked me less sad to think that i cant be with her (near her) for a long time , also she drawed a lot of thingz with us , and we haved a normal relationship , but after she discovered an anime called Hetalia , my relationship with her started to destroy , she started to have a crush on a character , i was ok , she was a girl who was a fan of a cartoon carachter ,after that she started to have more, but...our "roleplays" changed...she only want roleplays with that anime...and she do draws with them , and...she loves them more then me , i got replaced! We nealy broke today because she thinks if she continue she will forget about me...and i should forget about hurted so much...and our relationship is now in "complicated mode"...she sayed that she want me as a bf and also as a friend...she sayed that we can still be a couple...but it will not be like before... Also...daily she gives me pictures with them , with message " i want to kiss you",is also something else...she sayes earlyer...that she wasn't meant to have a boyfriend...but she cant "leave me" i am paranoid? Should i do something?

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How did you write a question with like 1000 characters?

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This all sounds a bit "nuts" to me. Turn the computer off and go out and meet new people, preferably those who are attracted to "real life."

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