Is it okay to have a online relationship and never meet your boyfriend?


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Arthur Wright answered
Like the Parade magazine the other day stated be very careful as many felons are using these sites now to meet people along with pedophiles, sexual predators, etc. Posing as whoever they want to lure somebody into their net and without running a background check on them, anyone can be anybody they want to be on here so please be very careful and dont ever give out any kind of info without knowing them first
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Joe B. answered
Well never meeting them at all would not make sense to me.
But I have a girlfriend online right now..... But it feels weird to just say "online"
Because I think about her all the time.
And she is coming over to visit this spring, and I'll be moving over to her after that..... I plan on marriage and spending the rest of my life with her.
So my answer would be..... It's okay to have love online, but if it is love, you best have a plan to bring it into the tangible real, touch and feel, reality.
Betty Cheng Profile
Betty Cheng answered
Sure... If that's all to it. A relationship is supposed to be about supporting one another... And if your online BF is giving you moral and emotional support over the internet that's a great relationship. Now, if you both agree to never really be serious or furthering the relationship into "meeting" up later then it's all good for you both. Good luck.
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Jil Blue answered
No...because you knowing them by their words only-who they are verbally. You are only getting one piece of the puzzle. He could come across as a perfectly awesome individual with poetic words, encouraging, and the right answer, slowly written, carefully chosen, edited, and thought through, but the person could be a slob, poor hygiene, married, different age etc, and hiding secrets that a true meeting and interaction could reveille. (Always meet in a public well crowded place)
Melody Gallimore Profile
I personally Wouldn't, Because How could you trust them? They could be going out getting laid and you would never know. Because someone over the internet probably isn't going to be that honest. Plus the person you are dating could be like a 60 year old creep that really just trying to track you  down and kill you... Good luck. Haha.
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Troy Zepplin answered
Yeah its ok

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