My Boyfriend Always Remains Busy In His Work And He Doesnt Have Time To Meet Me And To Talk To Me. I Know That He Loves Me A Lot But Sometimes I Get Frustrated And Shout At Him. What Should I Do As I Miss Him A Lot?


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Hey Esha, this happens pretty often. It has happened with me a lot many times as well. I am quite busy these days, buy my girlfriend has loads of time. As a result she gets frustrated that we hardly talk, meet, etc. We end up arguing and fighting over the phone, which is not good for a relationship. It is a part and parcel of the relationship but then we both try and resolve it and make the best of what we can.

What matters the most is that he still loves you and you love him as well. You are missing him a lot and it's natural. We always miss our loved ones. I would suggest you to try and get something planned out. For instance, a movie or lunch in a place which is convenient to the both of you is a good idea. Just spend a few hours with him. Talk to him, laugh and just look right into his eyes-he'll love all of these things. Due to my busy schedule, my girlfriend and I hardly meet the entire week.

Sometimes the most is twice a week. But we keep aside one day just for ourselves, usually on Fridays. On this day of the week, we go out together and have loads of fun.
Esha, you should understand his situation and give him some breathing space, but I think what is most important is for him to know that he needs to take time off to spend it with you. I will definitely not blame you for how you feel, but shouting and quarrelling will just makes things worse. So, refrain from loosing your cool. Let him know that you miss him a lot and tell him that you want to go out, on a certain day, time, etc.

When you meet him, give him a warm tight hug and let him know that you really missed him and you love him very much. Feelings are best expressed that way and he feels appreciated, and would realise that he has neglected you for a long time.

Over the time, I'm sure that he will start to put aside a day or at least a few hours
just to spend with you. Don't forget, it's always good to be tolerant with your loved ones. Understanding each other will take you both a long way.
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Andy Lau Chi Zhing
Oh, and do keep in touch through phone calls, and send him SMSs every now and then and he'll feel very much more comfortable..that way you wouldn't be missing him that much, because at least something is being said between the both of you.
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Try to understand the boy's position. Imagine what you would do if you were in his situation. If he is not productive in his work, then he will be stressed and the stress will affect your relationship. Personal relationships and professionalism are two different identities of a person. If your relationship with you is strong, he will definitely find a way to talk to you or write to you. Do not loose your cool.
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Find someone who thinks you are important enough to spend time with. He doesn't value the relationship enough to put the time into it. If it was important enough to him, he would make time to see you, bottom line!
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If you live a great distance away and you're only meeting up infrequently this doesn't seem as if it's really going to work out very well for you.
I think if your boyfriend really wanted to talk to you and meet you more often he would make time to do this.
Realistically I think you should come to terms with the fact that he he doesn't seem to see this as a problem like you do. He might have another social life and not be missing you as much as you are him. Can you get to see him soon and tell him how you feel because I think that this relationship seems one sided and you're suffering a lot more than he is.
If this carries on you're missing out on a lot in life waiting for something I don't think is ever going to really happen.
The fact that you are so far apart, see each other so little and he hasn't got time to talk to you speaks volumes about the reality of the relationship.
You need to try and move on now.
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You need to make a situation where you can see each other for pleasant time without either of you fighting. Even if it is just that you both give up Sunday afternoon for you both to do something nice together. If he loves you, he can concede a little time to see you.

Don't shout at him, you are both frustrated, you won't get what you want that way and he will start to feel bad, that will turn to guilt and frustration and that could end your relationship.

What you need to do is set aside some great time to spend together, doing some fun things, from kissing and that stuff, to romantic walks in the park, or going out to do something fun, he will be tired but it's important that you encourage him and yourself to get out there and do things together.

If this is going to continue for a long, it may be that later you must sit down for a serious chat with your boyfriend.
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esha joshi
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Thanks, but we meet after 2-3 months because we live very far from each other and that's the main problem.
Mark Westbrook
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then I'm afraid, it doesn't look good for you both, a relationship based on meeting up every two to three months is not going to be a relationship for too long. Can you bear to find happiness with someone else?
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Be patient on waiting..If you meant for each other, time will come for both of you.
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My boyfriend is recently very busy too. He loves me and says that he wishes he could spend more time with me but he needs his job and I of course, respect that. At the same time, we will often go over a week without seeing eachother.
He also says he needs to make time for his friends too. Which I must also accept.
In the end, If you really love eachother, you must trust eachother and not selfishly complain about how busy he is. It's not his fault. Of course you miss him. We always miss our loved ones. But when you do get to see eachother, hopefully, you can make it a more special occasion.
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My boyfriend is always busy too I call him from time to time and he always is too busy to even chat and trust me I shout at him when I had enough too. The best thing you can do is call him daily once or twice a day and if he gets frustrated at you say something like all I want to do is talk to you and he should accept that if not then it seems that work is more important to him then you and you should think about ending this relationship.
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Hey , Actually I ve the same problem right now ,
My guy and I are not so long together but after a couple of times,  he was starting getting busy ... And I don't know what's to do .. We ve had a fight and he said ok , if you really feel so bad you might should never talk to me again...
Well , I just love him and I want to be with him,
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Have the same problem too, my byfrien is always bussy at work, he works Sunday-Sunday and he can afford to miss work since he's making a living out of it. Its so depressing!!!
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Talk to a counselor together about your situation and work towards a solution. In most relationships, problems which manifest early on in a relationship, no matter how small, can foretell other issues. Sometimes we avoid what we wish to avoid and focus on what we wish to focus rather than see the real issues or problems before us.

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