My crush knows I like him. But, like nearly all the girls love him! He makes me laugh a lot, hangs with me, my BFF and his BFF! He always tries to sit next to me, and teases me friendly! He hasn't told me if he likes me back or not! Does he like me?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Whatever you do, don't pressure him into an answer as guys hate being put on the spot and it would chase him away. From what I read, he at likes you as he wouldn't talk to you if he didn't. He may be a player by being nice to all girls but lets hope for the best here but don't waste too much time waiting for him as someone much better may happen along. Just be yourself as there are too many phonies out here as it is.  Don't change to get him and definitely don't do anything stupid to get him either.  Good luck

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Mary Kyle Arce answered

Yeah, if you push him to answer it would be awkward and don't try to be an assumer. Maybe he just wanted to express his love for you in a different way.

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One qustion,  does he talk to you a lot?

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