What do you when your best friend turns on you and starts talking rubbish about you? Do you try to talk to her or do you just leave her alone? I really don't know what to do.


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Jasmine Haha answered
Dude I wOuld leave it alone. You do NOT want a friend like that because she will do it again. Don\'t kiss her booty lol I would leave her cuz you can get better friends who won\'t talk crap about. Don\'t Put up with crap from girls. When she realizes you are ignoring her she will come talking to yu and if not who cares, forget her she was talking crap.
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Honestly, I wouldn't even talk to or acknowledge her anymore. People will know she's two faced.
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Shaye Hatake
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Right now thats why im doing but it doesnt feel right.. But i really wanna put her in her place by telling her off.... Shes p**sing me off
jennifer franqui
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If she tries to talk to you ignore her and surrond yourself with better people
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This happened to me... There's this guy I grew up with that turned on me for a slutty girl who's pregnant and has a boyfriend... He's pretty "big" and she looks like a pole with boobs lmao One day he told me to not talk to him when she's around her because she thought I was weird... He blew me off for a girl that would fuck anything that walks lmao I finally realized that you never know who your real friends are until a day of truth comes... I ignored him and he eventually got the girl he wanted but the funny thing is that the 2nd week they were dating they had sex and now he has STD's... Not one but many... And two kids!! One by an ex boyfriend and his...

Ignore it... Don't say nothing cause it'll start drama
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Just leave her alone she will soon realize she will be losing her best friend , she will regret it for the rest of her life , so just move on who needs a friend like that .
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Honestly, I wouldn't even talk to or acknowledge her anymore. People will know she's two faced, so just go and find new frineds and dont let her get to you!
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She shouldnt mean anything to u if she turned on u n talkd crap! If u still wannna b friends, u guys can work things out.but, this will happen again n it mite end uglyy. I kno from personal experiance.

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