How Do Boys Act When They Like A Girl?


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If a guy likes you then he will ...
* act very shy
* smile at you a lot
* try to keep eye contact
* if their mean to you theres a really big chance he doesnt like you  
* if you are around him and his friends they will smile at you
* try to drop hints that they know he likes you
* they will look at him then at you and then back at him and smile really big
* if your alone and he acts nervous or starts to sweat then that is another sign he likes you.
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Just be yourself. I am 21 years old and a guy myself. Girls are full of emotion so make her laugh. Say nice things about her. For instance, I like your shoes. Something like that. Just be nice. What turns a girl off is when you are stuck up. Be gentle. Thoughtful. Caring. Generous. Open Doors for her. Once she starts to like you back then you can ask her out. But always treat her good no matter what.
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Depending on the boy,
most boys will start off calling you names like 'dork' or 'nob'
they will find any excuse to call you 'pretty' or 'gorgeous'.
If a guy straight up just starts putting his hands on you then don't trust him, he only wants one thing >_
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Its true, some guys do act a little mean, like a shy guy I know teases me and some things he says are kinda a little mean, then at other times he will tickle me and make me laugh and try and touch me on the shoulder, arm or hand when he talks to me. It is pretty confusing though
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They can act shy ,goofy, hang around you all the time .become your friend,help you when most others will not or can't. They will try and find out through your friends if you have a boyfriend or are dating. The straight forward ones will ask you out to a movie or lunch/dinner. Or just to hang out by going somewhere with them. Hope this helps with your question.
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He tries to impress you by doing stupid stunts in front of you
he teases you good naturedly
he acts kind of nervous around you and might stutter or say the wrong thing
he might always be looking at you and then when you look at him, he looks away
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There's no obvious answer to this because human beings are contrary creatures and we usually display behaviours which do not express our true feelings at all. There are ways you can tell if a guy likes you but they are not foolproof.

A more extrovert guy will make his feelings plain by flirting or coming onto you in a direct way but a shy boy will hang back. Here are some of the general signs -
if he makes a point of talking to you at every opportunity
one clear one is if he asks you to go out, of course
if he offers to help you with something that you need
he could ask your friend about you
he might phone you on some pretext just to talk

But as I said, even if a guy does none of these things, he could still really be interested so you need to look for the more subtle signs like -
if he's rude to you! yes, this is quite common
if he makes a point of arguing or disagreeing with you in conversation
if he goes out of his way to avoid being alone with you , he could be very shy but like you anyway
if he avoids eye contact
if he acts really casual like he couldn't care less about anything
Beyond all this, use your instincts. They will help you decide if a boy likes you or not.
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Well, when I like a girl, I try not and act weird around her. What I do is I talk with her a bit and get to know her and let her get to know me. Matthew.
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He always looks at you. Everytime you look at him he smiles. And if your in the hall and you see him either next  to you or right behind and isn't trying to pass in front of you he is so into you.
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Some are shy and mess up most of the time some act over cool some are really mean some avoid contact in case they mess up just look for that and you will be fine but some are really good at hiding it  so its not 100% Garnette
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They either start annoying the girl, play with their hair or poke them and when they are talking to the "one" girl that they like, they sometimes look away instead of face to face and also guys "try" to act cool in front of the girl.
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He is always grinning when he sees you. He can not look you in the eyes. He can not keep still. He sweats like crazy. Take care.
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Well there's this boy  thats in my science class I don't know him and I don't talk to him but today he stared at me and he gets close to me and try to talk to me and does everything I do
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They act mean around a girl and they act that way b/c it is hard for them to express there feelings

I completely disagree with that. People only say that to make the girl
feel better when a guy is mean to her. If guys are mean and treat you
like crap that usually means that they really don't like you.

If a guy likes you and wants to get to know you he will most likely make it happen
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I have to double disagree. It really depends on the guy. There was this boy that was mean, and poked fun whenever he got the chance. Then a while later he admitted that he liked me.
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Boys. Make the first move, tell them how you feel, and take the chance. No matter what you look like, girls will be flattered.

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Well it just matters if you already know her pretty well then flirt a lot... If its one of those I really don't know you but I like you things then its more just play cool .... But what I found out is you just need to take the chance

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