How Do You Know When A 7th Grade Boy Likes A 7th Grade Girl?


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I am in 7th grade. You can never be completely sure, because sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it's hard to tell. Some ways you might be able to tell is if he talks to you a lot, tries to make you laugh and stares at you. Also if he might seem a little nervous around you is a sign. Be careful though, because sometimes these things aren't what they seem.
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Hey I'm a girl in eighth grade and i am dating a boy in seventh but Ive known him all my life. You can never tell but the best way is they just have that look and when you walk into that same room all of a sudden their face starts to glow and a smile all of a sudden appears on their face. Sometimes you can just tell when they have butterflies in their stomach
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That is very true!
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The grade level is not very important for this topic. All guys act the same when they are attracted to a female. Maybe you should look up some sites for more information and I will post the links down below. Okay. I'm happy to see, you have a person who just might like you.
Let me share some signs with you.
A. Does he smile at you? (Think about it) Lunch? Hallway? Classes? Connections?

B. Does he look at you for 2 seconds and longer or stare?

C. Does he find a reason for touching you? Like if he is laughing or if you guys are play fighting?

D. How does his friends react when you come around? Do they smile and nudge him. Or does he smile and they smile while they look at you.

E. Does he know your name? Even if he is not in your classes to find out.

F.Have you guys talked before? And by a chance he smiled?

Its all questions you have to put together. But my best recommendation is asking him.
Confidence and Communication is key. Here are some helping links that you can view." target="_blank">" target="_blank">
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A big thing is body language, especially eye contact. If he stares at you or looks away when you make eye contact, he may like you. He may blush, trail off, or make mistakes when he talks to you. Get one of his good friends to ask him who he likes. Make sure he knows you like him, again, through a friend or directly. Good luck!
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Usually a boys in seventh grade show that they like a girl in an obvious way because they're not realy mature so it's kind of easy to tell. He would usually flirt or eye the girl. Though, with some guys, it's really hard to tell. I guess it all depends on the guy.

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