Who Are You In Love With?


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jessica benavidez Profile
Well i THINK I'm in love with a boy named jorge he is my boyfriend. I have been with him for a year now. I on the phone wait him right now. Lol how about you?
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Anonymous answered
My beautiful and wonderful girlfriend, who I hope to ask her to be my wife in the next year.
Kacie Rogers Profile
Kacie Rogers answered
My man Rob....Oh and of course Vin Diesel :p
emily matlock Profile
emily matlock answered
I think or thought i was in love with Ryan but he does drugs and we fight about it alot, it is weighing me down and i can't leave him...i think he loves me but idk anymore
i don't think he does either but when you love someone you don't just leave them like that..i want him to be happy
Luna Star Profile
Luna Star answered
I've been in love with a guy named Nathan for 2 years.
But my best friend liked this guy named McKayd and I tried to help her get close to him. Since I spent so much time getting to know him and trying to get them together, I fell in love with him. He's so adorable, sweet, romantic, and takes relationships very seriously.
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Anonymous answered
I am in love with my bf of two years... He is my everything....
Jesse Cerulli Profile
Jesse Cerulli answered
I am in love with this amazing, beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, sweet girl. She acts, just like me, and writes songs and sings them, which I think is TOTALLY HOT!!!!!! And she is YOU, and I will NEVER leave her or hurt her again.

Love, your Jesse

Tonya Rush Profile
Tonya Rush answered
My Family I Thought I Was In Love With My Man Until I Find Out  He Was Cheating On Me
Esther Lilly Profile
Esther Lilly answered
I am in love with a man named Billy. To be honest, we met online. I look back and it was a stupid decision to find people online, but he wasn't a complete loser. We had a couple on and off relationships over the years but as of now we are in a decent (and unfortunatly long distantce) relationship and we are working on building a strong sense of trust, hope, love, and a little bit of lust in there :p we have our struggles because we both have flaws. His are his ADD, he tends to lie to protect my feelings (and himself), and that's mostly it. Mine are my short temper, depression, and my trust issues. I do most of the planning for the future (because he isn't very good at planning) and he plays a more passive role. We are both content with me wearing the pants in the relationship. Yay me!  We have a long ways to go and this message is getting too long. Thanks for asking!
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I'm in love with the amazing guy, robert ford (not the guy who killed jesse jame) i've known him for two years now and he is so beautiful and makes me feel so good about myself whenever he is around. I love him, because he's my everything

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