How Do Make Your Boyfriend Love You, talk To You More And Notice You More?


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Why doesn't my boyfriend seem to notice me?
On average, women speak ten times as many words in a day as guys do. So he may never be chatty. Be sure you listen to him when he does talk, if you talk over him once he starts, he's likely to see no point in persisting with making an effort to converse,

It could be worth learning how to cook, particularly his favorite foods (cooking his favorite dinner is kin to him bringing home a nice bouquet of flowers. Unless his favorite dinner was ramen and bologna, but that's unlikely.)

Key element One: Your love is not enough - he needs your respect. If he doesn't feel respected, he doesn't feel loved. Never insult him in front of other men (this includes things like joking how he's not the handyman he think he is). Praise him when he does something nice (such as when my guy picked up the bedroom and made the bed a few days ago, I told him how great I think he is and tackle-kissed him.) Tell your friends when he does something awesome (such as - when I had a cold, he made me chicken soup and cleaned the kitchen.)

Key element Two: Take care of yourself. You don't have to be a size 6,... But make sure you are dressed neatly, that your hair is presentable, maybe put on a little makeup, and make an attempt to stay fit (oh, and be sure you smell nice - mouthwash and feminine deodorant go a long way. Yes, I just went there. :) ) The effort you put into maintaining yourself reflects on him.  Depending on what age you are, great looking fancy lingerie always helps to get your boyfriends' attention, especially if you surprise him with it.

Key element Three: Play with him. If he likes, say, baseball, go play with him or watch. If he likes fishing, go fishing with him, or at least take a good interest in it and ask him why he likes it, what he caught that day etc.

None of these suggestions should mean that you compromise your own self respect or that you have to be bored listening to what he has to say, but a lot of men and women don't naturally have the same interests, and your boyfriend might just be assuming that you won't want to know about his hobbies.  So, be open and honest with him, tell him you'd love to know what he is thinking and what he has been doing throughout the day. Also, respect that he might not be very chatty compared to your female friends.

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Demand respect...if he's not showing enough attention its because he doesn't think your worth it. Play hard to him you don't need him & that'll make him want to chase you down.
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Girls  should  never  give  into  a  guy by  providing  him  with  sexual  favors
just  to  make  him  love  her  more . What  about  the  guy ,  Making  you 
happy  by  giving  you  small  love notes? What  about  the  guy  giving you
a  dozen  of  roses  ,  Just  to  show  he loves  you?  You  got  to  ask  yourself Are  you  prepared  to  be  a  mother ? What  happens  if  you  get  pregnant and  the  guy  doesn't  want  the  baby?
Please  take  no  offense ,  I  am  just trying  to  look  out  for  your  own
well  being  ,  Guys  today  are  like  this. Now  not  all  guys  are  like  this 
It's  WAM  BAM  Thank  You  Ma'am!!!

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Go up to him and talk to him;
don't let him just ruin your whole relationship;
maybe hes shy
and has never had a girlfriend before
and you can't MAKE somebody love you
if you guys have been dating for a long time
call him
time;Hun;sexy;handsome;and time babieee
that will turn him on and he'll I love you babieee
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Well first of all wear some nice clothes. Keep your self fit. Men don't like ugly and farty women. Keep your mouth and __ clean. After that comes respect, cooking skills and many other things. However,  with the passage of time, respect, cooking skills and things like that become more important than physical relationship.
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Maybe thats it
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I hate to sound vain but I have to agree with Katherine here, men desire a woman who keeps herself looking perfect. You should wear makeup (try to wear a bit every day - maybe take a break on sunday if u'd like). Also dress nice and DON'T put on weight. Thats the number one thing men hate (and I've heard a group of men talk about it). When a "chick chunks out" as they call it - it's the worst. Men are visual creatures - as much as we'd like to say they aren't - they are.
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I think you're all full of crap... Everyone is different, and if you have already sat and talked with him on these issues (if not, that's you're first step, because maybe he doesn't know there's something wrong), he isn't going to change for you. It's time to move on.
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He  should  automatic  do that  if  he  doesnt  than its  time for  you  to move on  and find a new  man
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Actually, you can't MAKE anyone love you. What you can do is behave in a way that you feel good about and keep working on being a person you like yourself. That might involve not going along with the crowd, no matter what or not spending time with people who are cruel or selfish. There is so much pressure on girls to twist themselves into all sorts of compromising positions in order to "get" the boy. All this does is put too much pressure on girls to try to meet male expectations and it diminishes boys, by saying they're not capable of being in relationships unless manipulated into it. The sad truth is, that the more you "try" to catch someone, the less likely you'll like the outcome. It's better to work on being a person who believes she's worth being cared about. And it's important to choose people who are ready to be in a relationship and who you don't have to convince to join you in it. Unfortunately, boys are often not helped to learn how to be in a relationship with anyone. So, they often don't know how to talk with others in an intimate way. They are often encouraged to be competitive, but discouraged from accepting their own emotions. And emotions are the glue  and  commerce of relationships, not tricks, or recipes for "getting" him.
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I understand that PEOPLE(not just women) shouldn't let themselves go after getting into a relationship.  I do think that if your boyfriend loves you, he will support you no matter what you look like. If people look good, they feel good.  I also believe the opposite is true.  When people feel good, they make the effort to look good.  Instead of ignoring your girlfriend, men should try making them feel better.  A woman does not deserve to be tossed to the side because she doesn't dress a certain way or wear makeup.  If your boyfriend is only going to pay attention when you force yourself into into looking "the part" and throwing yourself at him, he is not worth it!
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Honestly, (and it hurts saying this) - it could be the fact he is thinking about breaking up with you. I've been through "the silent treatment" with a guy in high-school. Thats a worst case scenario (If your in highschool men are immature). However I've known some adults to do the whole immature silent treatment thing too.
Try ignoring him for a bit (I know it sounds lame) - to see what he does. Let him make the next move - if he does and seems concerned then he wants to be with you. However if he makes no effort to contact you - there's your answer right there.
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Isn't it wonderful how women need simplistic advice on how to give respect, talk less, lessons on how to treat a bf like a child, how "they" need to learn to pamper men after a million yrs of doing so ? 

So did you get any advice on " your" problem, because obviously "you" are in the wrong and need to be a doormat in order to get the guy to notice you.  It's really no surprise, women give up yrs of everything including their lives by following their hearts and in the name of love, instead of using their heads and examining whether the relationship is more than a one way street to no where. 

Never suggest a woman think for herself logically, once a woman decides she's in love all reality gets trashed.

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I read so much about this, and the only thing they told me is that you should be busy, like do somthing with your life. Cuz that's when he'll start noticing that you're away and he'll be curious and want to know what ur doing and you know that leads to be closer to you. It may be wierd, like you're doin the opposite but the more you give he'll get bored, and you know he'll try to go away slowly and you may feel it. Just be busy, do sports, workout many things. Goodluck

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Just call him sexy and he will say it worked for me but do in a cat way they would love it they know you love them and they will say I love you babe
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Become interested in things that he likes and he will notice you more. You can not make anyone love you.
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It sounds bad but start out by wearing attractive clothes that will make him want you. Short shorts and shirts that show a little clevage. After you have him hooked he'll stop paying attention to your body and will fall in love with your personality. Everyonce in a while on the right occasion wear desireable clothes to make sure your never out of his thoughts.
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Well kissing and sex wont help either, You shud work on fixing your relationship and if you have sex he's just practically using you so you should try communicating and maybe talk to an elder of some sort and if its not working...he's probaby not the one God put you on earth to be with. HOPE THIS HELPS!
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If he doesnt love you then dump him...or I think that if you wear tons of dresses and skirts it helps.....or talk to him about it.

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