What Should A Girl Do If Her Boyfriend Is Mad At Her?


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If your boyfriend is mad at you, the first thing you should do is give him some space and time.

Let him cool off and think things through; guys have a tendency to be hot-headed and irrational when they are angry.

Eventually you will need to discuss what's making him mad. Be understanding, but also keep your head held high- you deserve to be respected and listened to as well.

What to do when your boyfriend is angry

A lot of women make the mistake of challenging a guy as soon as he shows signs of being upset or angry.

Guys have a lot of trouble displaying their emotions: Some just bottle it up and refuse to talk, whilst others blow their gasket and throw things out of proportion.

That's why giving an angry boyfriend time alone will give him a chance to think things through in that brain of his.

Why is my man mad at me?

There are a million and one reasons your boyfriend might be mad at you, and you'll never know what's going until you sit down and talk to him.

Try to avoid turning things into a confrontation, if you both want to be in a relationship together, then you're already both on the same side. Keep calm, hear him out, but make sure that you also get your point across.

Also bear in mind that a lot of guys use anger as a way of controlling a girl. If they feel insecure or hurt, they will use their anger to hurt you and make you feel scared and apologetic. Don't fall for this technique!

How to end an argument with a boyfriend

If you find it difficult to get your point across face-to-face, why not try writing your side of things down. Maybe get him to do the same. This will take a lot of tension and stress out of the situation.

Be willing to swallow your pride and admit when you're wrong, but also make it clear that you are not going to stick around if he wants to treat you badly. Hopefully this approach will help you work things out.

Good luck!
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If your boyfriend is mad at you, then I strongly suggest that you let him cool off for a little bit.
Then, when you think its time to talk to him, do it.
But if he doesn't listen, then turn the tables on him and just stop talking to him.

But if you want to you can write him a note and tell him how you feel and tell him you'll give him space and that when he is ready to talk than you'll be there to talk to him.
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None of that advice works when he is mad he doesn't talk and if I let him cool down and have him talk about it he gets mad at him i can't bring it up again. And if i stop talking to him he doesn't care. None of this advice works I have tried all of it.
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say you're sorry and that you dont want any trouble or bad stuff going on in your relationship
Bikergirl Anonymous
Well then .. if nothing works .. then he is clearly not interested in compromising. What does he want you to do .. grovel and beg? Sounds very one sided and frankly, very toxic and dysfunctional. That is not love.
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If he's mad at you because it's your fault, then apologize and give him time to cool off.
Don't kiss up to him though or let him control you- never do that.

If he doesn't accept your apology, then wait a little while.
If he's mad at you for something that's not your fault, then let's hope he realizes there's no reason to be mad at you before it's too late!
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Well my BOYFRIEND is mad at me over something so stupid. We live together so it kind of makes it harder to deal with it considering that he wont say much to me.

Even when he calms down he still treats me like I'm invisible and like I'm nothing, even when I cry he ignores me.

But after reading all the comments here, I'm not as sad anymore.
As a matter of fact I don't think I'm going to let it get to me...
I just won't say anything to him, and when he's ready he can come find me.

I apologized over and over, and he just kept talking down on me making me look like a fool and a stupid person.
I don't deserve it: I'm not ugly and I'm pretty smart.
So I will just focus on my job interview, hopefully this could be a promising career opportunity, and in the end he'll be running behind me (but by then it may be too late).
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I know it's hard just to sit around and do nothing, especially if you want to explain the misunderstanding, but I'm afraid that's what you should really do.

Give him a bit of space, and keep yourself busy.
Wait until he gets in touch, and for goodness sake do not start the conversation by jumping on him!

No matter whose fault it was, listen to what he has to say!
You may need to bite your tongue, but the making-up will be worth it.
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Try to explain him and if he cares about you he'll pay attention. If it's not so serious, then in time he'll miss you and it could be all right again!
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After a fight, it's very important to allow your partner to cool down in their own way.
Some people won't let up until they get the argument resolved to their satisfaction but we don't all think and feel and act alike so acceptance and respect are key skills in this matter.

If it was a very serious fight, let feelings cool down then the next day, resolve the issues calmly and unemotionally together. If it was just a tiff, put it away and don't bother even bringing it up. Apologise if you think you're in the wrong but beyond that, forget it.

From your question, I gather you think you've done the wrong thing and want to make up to him, so here's what you can do - say you're sorry if you are

Do something special to please him - a massage, take him out, wash his car, whatever
listen to his point of view - that's a very loving act and makes the other person feel special
use humour - make light of the fight unless it was over a key relationship conflict
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If he doesn't want to talk to you, then let it be for a while until he cools down - then try talking to him. Ask him, "Is it ok if we talk about something?" If he says no. Then try again another time.

Most guys need time to cool off and think about things - it's called the "TIME ALONE" stage. They need time to think and sort things out, so just let him alone for the time being and when he feels like talking he`ll talk to you.

If not, try talking to him and see what happens. Good Luck - hope this helps.
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You cannot change him as nature goes with you for your lifetime, but you can control it.
If he really loves you, then you are the only person who can control him.

Use his love, not negatively but positively - if he's angry with you then maybe you are doing something which he doesn't like.
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I slapped him. And he's really mad at me. He walked away and left me alone. I said sorry but he pushed me away. He told me not to go near him because he might hurt me if I did. I feel so sad, I did that out of blind rage. I feel bad and guilty. What should I do? He is really mad at me.

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Tonight my boyfriend and I got into a fight. It was my fault. I was joking around with our friends and the joke went too far and it hurt his friend and him. I feel terrible about this and I don't know what to do... I'm not use to caring about someone this much since I've always been hurt in previous relationships.... I know I need to give him time but I'm just. I guess I'm just scared, overall. Usually my words don't come out the way I want them to and I want this apology to really mean something--- What I did is unforgivable, and I know I upset him. I don't know how to even start with words to him. Please Help.

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It's not really an answer but here's what i have to deal with. My boyfriend is always mad at something sometimes about me or something else. My problem is he never tells me what's wrong whether he's mad at me or not. He ignores me all the time and I just feel like a piece of s*** next to him and i just don't know what to do anymore. I  feel like he doesnt care. Like, I say sorry all the time or let him cool off but it doesnt help. :/

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I guess what you do is very dependant on the reasoning behind why he's mad. If he has a legitimate reason .. Then you apologize for what it was that you did, learn from that experience ., and move on. Let him be mad .. And he will get over it.

If, on the other hand, his anger is driven by his attempts to control or manipulate you, then you tell him you refuse to be treated like that and move on.

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If the guy is mad or moody quite often, consider asking him to change his attitude.
If he even hints of being violent then dump him right away!

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