How Do You Get Over A Guy That You Still Love?


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All I can really say is that it takes time to heal. You are human, and you have feelings, and for that alone, you can't just turn your emotions on and off just like that.
If he would rather be smoking that junk, then you might be better off to leave him too it, unless of course he's just a teen, and still living at home, then you should consider telling his parents, for his health and his future.
Don't do it to be a narc, or to get even, but just as a way to say that you care, and you accept that you shouldn't be with him, especially if he doesn't care for you.
Soon enough you won't think about him like you do now, and you should be out there hanging out with your friends, not sitting around feeling sad about him. Your friends, and your family should be the center of your attention, next thing you know, there will be someone else there who would most likely love to spend time with you, and asking you out, so don't say no o.k. Hope this helps, good luck.
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He is just a teen. hes 14. And his parents know about him getting high and all that. I mean edutest they should because he has a portal officer and everything.
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It will take time and you will notice that each day it will hurt a little less. Give yourself time to grieve, to cry, but say to yourself I will get over this. If that person was meant for you, he will be back if not just think about it as a life experience, we all need to live good and bad things. You need to be strong and have faith this shall also pass, trust me I have lived and I'm still here. Give yourself time.
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I know exactly how you feel. My situation is somewhat similar and I'm trying to get over my ex too. And I guess the only way we are going to be able to get over them is when we meet someone that we care about more. And I know how hard that is going to be but we just have to be patient and just focus on us for now. Try dating or spending more time with your girlfriends! Even try new things and find new hobbies...maybe along the way you'll make new friend and even gain a lifelong friendship or lover. Have hope :)
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I have loved a guy once and it was terrible... After a year... I still celebrate the anniversary of the day we met... December 14, 2009 11:32 pm. It's so hard to forget but after a while you start to either hate him or forget him or laugh at the relationship
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You find another... Simple. If they don't love you back then what's the point in loving them?

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