How Do You Get Over Someone You Love Too Much But You Know You Will Never Be To Have Again?


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Find something positive to keep you occupied, go out with friends, see a movie, anything to keep your mind off this person.  It's hard when you love someone and they don't love you back, but remember everything happens for a reason, and that reason may be there is someone better out there for you, someone that is capable of loving you.  ((Hugs))
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Hasd anyone ever get over the person who they planned on marrying and have babies with??? How and how long did it take?
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I rarely ever get over someone whom I have loved, completely. I put people in the 'back row' of my heart.I don't allow myself to continue feeding the love, for those who must be left out of my current life.I acknowledge the feelings I once had for them, but accept the fact that they are not going with me into today. In other words, I can not take back the love that I have given, but I can limit the time I spend thinking about it. PEOPLE TELL ME THAT IS STRANGE, BUT IT WORKS FOR ME. CHERISH THAT LOVE, IT IS A PART OF YOU, BUT IT IS NOT RELEVANT TO YOUR LIFE TODAY!
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Take it one day at a time sweetie. Your friends are here at Blurtit if you need to talk to someone. I'm here for you. Peace
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It takes time but it will still hurt. Each day will get better until one day you will waken and the hurt will be gone. Try to keep yourself occupied and not sit thinking about this person.
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Wake up! Smell the fresh flowers/coffee. Treat yourself better honey. Go find someone who doesn't use you as a mate. Find someone who will love you for whatever reasons. You only love him because he's your first, he only love you because you're his booty-call. Understand the signs why he's not talking to you anymore. Tell yourself that it was a mistake to even fall in love with him. He was never yours if he doesn't even contact with you and never feel the way you felt.
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congratulation ,,,, amazing answer and type to try to wake her up from this baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad dream .,.....
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Something tells me that the two of you never belonged to one another in the first place.  Maybe the two of you were in the same place at the same time and it was convenient for the two of you.  You obviously have strong feeling for him but to him it was a lucky brake to get what he wants.  You can never make someone love you.  If you try to do that then it will be a recipe for disaster because relationships like that never work.  You shouldn't even be this serious at your age.  Enjoy live.  That is also way it is not good to have sex when you are so young because emotionally and fiscally you are too young to be able to handle something like that.  There is now easy way out.  Forget him.
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It's really hard to get over someone you love but you need to lay your feelings out on the table even if it means that you wont get together letting him know how you feel might make things a little better and you will have a better chance of moving on
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You get a day for every week you were in love to recover.  After that, you weren't in love, you were addicted, and that means you should seek counseling before your next relationship.
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It is not that love has to come once in life.we wont get the right partner without knowing is always good not to force anybody in is a feeling that has to come from heart but not in compulsion.leave him. Definitely one man is born for you... And he will come for you....sure.. It is a promise...all the best...
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Have you ever seen My Best Friends Wedding? If you haven't, I strongly recommend you to watch it. It'll answer your question, or at least show you how you can handle your situation. You'll realize that in the end it's more about letting go than about anything else.
You should really watch that movie.
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1.cry!to express your self and let all your feelings to go away! to a friend!that always helps.
3.make a box!throw in it every thing he or she gave it to you
4.go out!have fun do not let that person to stop your life!
Finally,good luck:)

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