Do You Think I Should Tell My Friend/Crush That I Like Him?


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There are a lot of things to consider here. First of all, would you want to risk your friendship for the sake of a relationship that may not work out? Secondly, what do you think the chances are that he likes you back?

If you don't know how your friend feels about you, try flirting subtly with him and see how he reacts.
Don't do anything over-the-top; you don't want him to be sure you're flirting with him, because if he doesn't like you back, he might start avoiding you. Playful teasing, sitting closer to him than usual, and showing an interest in what he says are all good places to start. Smile and make eye contact a lot when you're together.

Hopefully, he'll start flirting back. If he does, I think it's probably safe to tell him you like him, although you might not need to if he gets there first!

It's possible he'll ignore you instead of flirting back: He could be shy, he could just be oblivious, or he could realize you're flirting but not like you in that way. You could try harder in the hope that he just didn't notice the first time, but if he's not interested, he'll probably start acting distant.

I think you can usually tell when somebody likes you. Go with your gut feeling, and if you're too scared to ask him in person, bring it up via text or online. Good luck!
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Make is obvious that you like him, if he responds well, then you're in luck! If not your friendship is still there to fall back on. BUT it is very important that you act fast, LIFE IS TOO SHORT!
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Yes, because you never know he may like you too, and if you don't tell him, you may be too late. It's worth a shot!!
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I had the same thing happen to me.  I didn't want to tell a male friend I liked him because losing his friendship would have devastated me.  It wasn't until he started dating someone else that I realized how deeply I cared for him. 

He is probably feeling the same thing and asking the same questions you are.  Just give him a "casual" kiss on the lips goodnight after you have been hanging out and see how he reacts.  I bet he'll smile!  He might even kiss you back! 

If he's very shy (or dense - a lot of guys are) you may have to take more drastic measures, like just telling him exactly how you feel.  Just don't bring up heavy stuff-like commitment, love, etc.

Take a chance! It would be terrible to go through life wondering "what if?"

By the way, I married my friend!
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YES - the thing about girls today is that they're too shy! It's not that they shy, they're nervous about what the other person is going to say to them or even worse about them.

Girls, all I have to say about that is own who you are - own it!!!! Be confident - make those guys nervous to be around you!!! Go up and talk to him if you're confident. It makes you look good inside and out..SO OWN IT!
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I'll bet he already knows it , just give him a nice shy smile and bat your eyes a touch  and I'll bet you will win his heart.
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I'm really shy too, and I know we shy girls are usually too scared to tell a guy to his face. What I recommend is passing a note through class, because then he'll think you're naughty, mysterious, etc. AND it will be way easier for you!!!!

What I would write is: "Translate when home: Je voudrais être plus que des amis. Si vous vous sentez différemment, pouvons-nous rester des amis ? Sincerely, (your name)"

Oh yeah, the French means : I would like to be more than friends. If you feel differently, can we remain friends?. This way he will be very excited to go home and translate, and will be intrigued by your French - the language of love. Ha!
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Thanks. We're both in French class, actually. :D He's not in my class, though, because he's a year older.
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Go for it! You never know, he could feel the same way! If your worrrying about it being akward and ruining your friendship, just remember that if he is truly your friend, he won't be scared off.
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Well, I told my crush that I really like him. ;) He didn't say anything, he just smiled - but thats a good sign ;) He's on vacation now so I haven't had any sign from him for a while, but I think he likes me too. I think You should tell him ;))
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Yes. I've been in the same situation before but we are now getting closer. My crush thinks of me everyday and boy does he like me. Give it a shot. If it doesn't work out, he's not the only guy in the world and definitely not the only guy you have a crush on or the only guy who is crushin' on you!
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Oh my god, I have the same problem ... My friend says I should tell him but I don't want to lose the friendship .. And also I am too, shy so I know what you're going through and it's an awful feeling ....
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Oh my god, I'm in the same situation but it's killing me and all of the girls in my grade are falling for him so I think you should tell him and act fast.
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Absolutely,because if you don't tell him how you feel he might ask another girl out. Take your chance, girl. Love don't wait.
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Just text him or something, ask him who he likes.. If he says he wont tell you, then say you will tell him who you like if he tells you first.. It's really easy to do that,. I've done it plenty of times.. :P

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