What Is Friendship? What Do You Think About This Relation?


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According to my paradigm, friendship is a beautiful relationship. It is that very relationship existing on the face of the earth that encourages you and supports you most at every single step of your much bountied life. Friendship comprises of friends and friends are those creatures that stand by your side when you are downtrodden and cheerless. They will accompany you and will continue to make you happy and cheerful unless you smile for them.

Friendship is a worth-noting and the most beautiful relationship that I have ever been a part of. It makes you smile and cry at the same time. It makes you succeed and face every challenge no matter how hard and difficult it is. Through friendship, an individual is granted a shoulder to cry upon. This relationship blesses person with loads of inner peace and calmness. We actually feel happy and contented when we are sitting amongst a group of friends in a coffee shop or so. This bond has enabled mankind to exist and dwell with each other with such great and immense harmony. I have a friend who has been with me since eight years! What a great and enriching experience it is to remain with a lifetime friend
! Isn't it?
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Friendship is the sharing of two or more lives, caring for someone more than for yourself, wanting to make that person happy when they are sad, or just listening quietly when they need to talk.  Friends don't judge each other, even if the friend they aren't judging is doing something they may not agree with.  Friends look out for each other, stick up for each other, and always have what the other friend needs at any given it a cup of sugar or a shoulder to cry on.  Friends accept your quirks, your little annoying habits, and are never ever judge.  To refer to something that happened to a friend of mine on this site, a "friend" won't steal from you, lie to you, or try to get out of an obligation they owe you.  Friendship is usually platonic, but not always.  My best guy friend is my husband, and obviously we are not platonic.  My best girlfriend and I share stories, secrets, really everything in life.  Our friendship is 35 years old, and she was like a surrogate mother to my children while I was divorced and working two jobs.  In a nutshell, friendship is being anything to the most special people in our life that they need, and vice versa.  And friendship doesn't come and go; it's consistent.
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In my opinion Friendship is the greatest relationship ever in human life. With friends we share all our experiences (good & bad). A friend will always be there to help.
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Friendship is a gift hopefully you won't abuse . True friendship is a person whom you can tell anything to and it will never be told to anyone else. Someone who is there when none else will or wants to be .They take time out of their busy life to listen and sometimes that is all they do , that's all they need to do to relieve the pressure. True friends don't condemn you for your feelings and can take criticize even if it's about them at times they aren't afraid to hear what you think.
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Friendship is a personal connection between two individuals. Friendship needs to be nurtured with openness, trust and respect. It will flourish when neither pass judgment on each other. Friendship is not all about agreements or commonalities. Friendship is also about agreeing to disagree without putting the relationship to a test. One develops different levels of friendship with others. How deeply you consider one as a friend is a function of how deeply you trust this person. Like love, friendship is given unconditionally. Blessed us be with meaningful and long-lasting friendships!
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Relationship if you have trust then you have relationship if you feel easy with that person, then it is friendship,you say any thing and you show your feeling to other, some relationships are for good purpose, some for bad...
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text respect of each other and love to the demands of your friends. Friendship is a big tree which will give you shelter at the hour of danger as well makes you happier while in your exotic days.
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Friendship is having good relations, sharing love and care with ANYBODY. Then you a good friend for him^^ as long as it is still in the RIGHT side.. It is just I really love having friends ^^ hehehe
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A friendship is where two or more people care for each other look out for each and can do anything for each other.Tthat's what I THINK OF IT
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Friendship is really indescribable as it has so many different facets that you can never be able to list all of them. To be friends, it is a 2 way relationship where you can be there for someone in need or they can be there for your needs. Sometimes it is for you to be able to speak your mind without being looked at as being strange. Other times it is to hear them out and being open to their thoughts as well. Need help with a project, friends are there and your there for them. Friends help us from going insane as if we had to keep all our feelings to ourselves, it would truly be a screwed up world.
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Friendship is a relationship between two or more people who hold mutual affection for each other. Friendships and acquaintanceship are thought of as spanning across the same continuum. The study of friendship is included in the fields of sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. Various academic theories of friendship have been proposed, including social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics, and attachment styles.
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Friendship   is a very good relation between the two person. In these type of relation mutual relation and understanding matters a lot.we can share the feelings to each other.
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According to me ,friendship is the other name of feelings and mutual under standing .In today's world everything depends on the parallel thinking and under standing.
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Friendship means sisterhood a friend is someone you can go to in need. They are there in your ups and downs

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