Do Guys Know When A Girl Is Desperate For Love? I Have A Friend Who Is Really Nice. I Bring Him Gifts, But He Just Looks At Me Like He Feels Sorry For Me.


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In my opinion, the answer is yes. Guys might not generally be as perceptive as women, but I reckon they'll be able to tell when a girl seems too 'desperate'.

I don't think many girls give gifts to guys that they like, so maybe you should look at better ways to express your feelings.

Can guys tell if a girl is desperate?

To answer this question, I'll have to go all the way back to prehistoric times!

Guys in prehistory were hunters. Their instinct was to go out there, chasing the juiciest meat they could find.

In many ways- things haven't evolved all that much. Guys still like the idea of chasing after women, and they are usually attracted by the ones that act like they are the hardest to catch. In their brains, it makes it look like the reward at the end will be greater!

If a girl makes herself look too willing or easy, this will send out signs that there might be something wrong with her.

How to attract men without seeming desperate

If you're giving a guy gifts and doing things most girls wouldn't do, he may start asking himself 'why is she resorting to this?' It'll make a guy question what is actually going on. He may starting wondering what is so wrong with you that you need to rely on gifts to attract him.

The best thing to do if you want to attract a guy is to tease him. Show him how funny, cool, and sexy you can be- but don't let him enjoy it fully. Let him get a glimpse of the party, but don't give him an invite until he's earned it!
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Jason Black answered
If he looks at you like he's feeling bad, it's probably one of two things.

  • One: He's aware of what you're doing and in giving him a gift, he may be concerned about the cost.
  • Two: He probably doesn't understand why you're doing what you're doing, and is feeling some twinge of guilt over an unexpected gift or two.
To answer your question, men can't really see that a woman is head over heels for them simply because, men in general aren't that perceptive.
If you give him several gifts, chances are that he's aware of what you can give- but perhaps it's just the fact he may not feel anything for you.

I suggest you talk to him and see what he's feeling and be straightforward and frank.
Don't beat around the bush since some people find such actions insulting.

Just ask him after he's comfortable how he feels in regards to you.
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Lola A. answered

Not that men are as perceptive as women but I reckon that they can tell when a girl is desperate. It's usually the guys that buy the gifts not girls. The only time you give him a gift is on a special his birthday....or Christmas. You just don't do that. So please stop cause even if finally does ask you out it might be out of pity and you don't want a guy out of pity(at least you shouldn't). That'll only end in heartbreak. You gotta get him by being you. If he doesn't like YOU. was not meant to be. Do as Lakeesha says. Show him glimpses of how you fun and sexy you can be. Not too much or might seem desperate. Be you. Please.

Hope this helped a bit.

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