What Would Your Reaction Be To A Scheme To Give Each School Child A Unique ID Number?


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Sure tag the little buggers that way big brother can take over watching them and then they won't be able to run around outside of school without the parents/the law knowing every move they make(electronic leash).ever seen the mark of the beast cloud ten pictures were closer than everyone thinks. Of course as in the movie big business and the government will be all for it just another way to institute control in the future under the guise of being more productive and helpful.people are already having chips put in the alzheimer grand parents and dogs and for medical records so the doctor /hospital can access all your medical records in a instant when you walk in the doors. So why not just have everyone take the chip(666).ain't it cool(john travolta face off). Pretty soon all people will be a commodity to trade using this chip(the information stored in it) to decide who is the best candidate for the job or who is going to receive treatment(oops you had cancer at one time too bad we can't waste funds on you anymore). Or as the bible says one day man will not be able to work or buy a bag of groceries for a months pay(loosely paraphrased).so sure let the people who don't believe they will recieve the mark(also from the bible) and fall under the reign of the anti- christ.i know people don't believe or even know that once these systems are in place they will be used this way. I suggest they watch or read about the mark and how it will be used/put into use over time. Quick note we just had a school "give free" laptop computers to their students for home use to do their work and guess what the school(one of it's employees turns on the camera(gps)to locate and see who has the computers and what they are using them for.sounds a little like big brother don't it.not to mention the police cars now scan every license plate in a 360 degree 25 feet range around their vehicles at all time. So even if you not guilty they know where and when you were doing everything. So if you happen to make a wrong turn and they see it later they can give you a ticket even though the law enforcement officer never saw you break the law.i can just see the future .cameras taking information in and a group of judges deciding if you did anything wrong and then putting the information in and checking it against obscure statutes to fine you.they don't want you in jail just earning more money to pay basically made up laws they would never enforce on anyone else.the funny thing is we are already seeing it with street cameras and traffic light cameras.they have increased their income from traffic violations by 45 percent in one year.now everyone wants them removed.hahahahahahahahaha.so yeah bag'em and tag'em when their young and they won't even squirm at the idea of having their kids implanted.sort of like a wearable social security number. Kind of reminds me of another person/place named hitler and the holocaust.hmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Makes you wonder where this is going don't it.}:v))>
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Well thought out and expressed well. I can tell that you really have strong feelings on this subject. The fewer people who know anything about me the better.
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See the thing is everyone dimisses people they think are nuts.so i don't worry much about people finding out who i am. The only thing is they will find the truth is hidden right is front of them. : ).hahahahaha
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If I'm not mistaken, my school already does this. It doesn't have much of an effect on me personally; I'm indifferent.
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In the USA, they already have them.

I did, all the way through school in Iowa and in college in Minnesota.

It was also called a Social Security Number.
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People have a unique ID number in virtually any system they interact with. The school system is no exception. No computerized records system can operate without some sort of unique identifier for each person having records in the system.

I prefer not to be treated as a number. However, I recognize the practical necessity of having a number assigned. Even in places that use my name, I often have to differentiate myself from others having the same name. That is usually done using an address or telephone number or birthday.
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Sounds like a pretext justified under the rues of safety but is really a  government program to gather information for population control...They have also been fingerprinting students under a program called idenatkid.....Before you had to be arrested for the government to gain access to your prints but now they are getting them in kindergarten .
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That is a good idea Dr. Mengele.  Why don't we try it on the adults first.  With the new technology we can inject a tiny chip under the skin instead of the old way of tattooing. This already has been tested on dogs at the lab and it works, so yes, it's time for it to be tested on humans.  One more step in the loss of our freedoms, now big brother can know exactly where we are and what we're doing. I guess it's a leap forward for the folks in the GPS business. Perhaps it could be done in vitro just in case of baby switching. NO, I don't want to be a blip on a radar screen.
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Bleep bleep bleep gurgle gurlge(getting ready for bed) bleep bleep snoring(in bed)bleep bleep bloop(bathroom break),bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleeeump heart attack.hahahahaha . Never though of chipping a kid during a pregnancy exam.hahaha they would never know. Remember everyone getting the vaccinations with the needle gun(1970).what if they implanted everyone then.hmmmm?
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It would surprise me if they aren't already doing that. It certainly makes it a lot easier to keep track of their advancement.
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Yea, we have several nbrs for everything...mine favorite is 1800 eat-shi+
anyway, kids are give social security nbrs, then lunch nbrs and school id nmbrs and then employee nbrs...and WE have to keep all of this safe...not to mention my OWN nbrs. I hate the government. Did I EVER tell u all this?
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We have those in the UK, we call them National Insurance numbers and every UK citizen is issued one at birth..

I am not a number, I am a free man! Of course, if I want to get paid, I'm 3014894...
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They already do that here.  It is more of Big Brother accounting for each of us with more power and control than what is needed.
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My Son's School Already Does This..  But It's A Safety Thing I Think.. As Long AS They Don't Implant Teensy Chips In Kids To Monitor Where They Go I Am Happy

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