What Do I Do If Some One Starts Beating Up On Me?


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Forget the first 2 answers or you'll still suffer
to tell you the truth the only reason your getting beat up is because your showing signs of weakness. Fighting is like a science you need to know what to do in any given situation. Whoever tells you that a bully is weak is lame don't believe them. To "save" yourself you need to show your bully that your able to defend yourself. You must show him that your crazy even insane but remember you shouldn't pick a fight with him. Your bluffing but you should be able to protect yourself if cornered with no way out. Remeber fight only when it's your last resort.
Ps. Never tattle or you'll become a social outcast and have even more bullies. No one likes a tattler.you could also have a lot of friends that will help you when needed. Don't forget avoid violence and bluff your attacker
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The Law and School System are on your side. You don't have to stand alone. Call in the System and shut this character down. You do this by sticking to the facts, don't make it worst that it was. Then you have just saved two lives, yours--and his. Because he's headed down a hard road too unless someone like you calls him out.
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I know it sound kind of lame but dont try to act tuff and get an adult to help you with the situation.
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My first answer is to pray for God to back you up. He cares for you.

Meanwhile, you don't have to fight back physically, especially since it will probably only make it worse. If you don't win the fight then the bully will make things worse for you. BUT if you get your parents and the school involved then they can help you to take care of it without making things worse.

When I was your age I was beat up on a regular basis, even when I fought back. One day I decided to start telling my family, who told me to go to the Principal. The teachers at my school backed me up and my bully was then threatened by the administration to be suspended if she and her bullying buddies didn't quit it. The Vice Principal told her they couldn't even give me a dirty look, because if I ever had anything more to report, then she was going to be kicked out of that school.

Your school will probably do the same. Schools don't want bullies. They keep you from learning. And don't forget to pray. Sometimes, God let's us go through hard stuff until we go to Him for help.
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Talk to a Teacher before it happens then take some self defense classes. Why would someone want to beat you up?
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Tell your parent, tell an adult you trust tell a friend get away from the person get help
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U have to fight back. If u just tell they will continue to get at u. If u fight back they will think about it next time they hit u. Don't let ppl hit u. If they didn't physically give u life they have no reason to physically touch your life UNLESS U GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO. So tell your parents and fight back. Take it from experience. They will keep hittin on u if u don't make them want to stop.
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You have to stand up for yourself, don't let people push you around because it will get worse. The bulliers only do it to look cool or to impress other bully's. Most of the time in my experience if you stand up to them they will back off. GOOD LUCK
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Don't feel like a coward, you counter attack. If the other person is beating you without any reason just counter attack.

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