How Do You Trust Someone That Has Cheated On U Twice?


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With difficulty I'm afraid. Although you may choose to forgive someone, it is very difficult to forget what they have done. In this case is the issue is probably brought up whenever there is an argument or disagreement. It is not likely that a relationship will last if you are unable to draw a line in the sand and move on; this means you need to forgive AND forget in order to begin to pursue a successful relationship.

If the relationship was fairly new when the infidelity occurred, and if your partner admitted it because they felt the relationship was becoming serious, it may be worth putting the situation behind you and starting from scratch. This is easier as you can almost pretend in your own mind that the relationship wasn't yet official. In this case sit down and discuss what you both want out of the relationship and ensure that ground rules are firmly set. From this point on you will know that your partner is well aware of your expectations and is clear that you are indeed in an exclusive, serious relationship.

If the disloyalty happened during a serious relationship, I would imagine that it will be very difficult to build trust. Even if you want to forgive them for what they have done, it is always going to be at the back of your mind that they could make the same mistake again. Unless you are prepared to completely let go of the past, you may end up suffocating one another. Imagine how you will feel if your partner goes out with friends or has to go away on business; will this cause an argument or make you feel uneasy? If the answer is yes, then it is probably better for your own health and sanity (if nothing else) to quit while you're ahead.
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I cheated on my boyfriend twice. I cannot tell you how hard it was to tell him, after I lied to him multiple times. I can tell you that I do love him, and I cannot tell you why I did it. At all. I wish I knew. He tells me once I get my act together, he'll give me my second chance which is very generous of him, I know he doesn't trust me at all. And all I want is to be with him. I want to be there to make him feel better. I know I messed up. I know. I know it was the wrongest thing to ever do in my entire life. I can tell you that I want this process of me getting to a better emotional state to go by fast, and I want it to be painful. I deserve it. I can't even imagine what was going through my head. I really can't. I want to remember. I want to know why I did it. I think it's because I liked the attention that I was given by the other person, and I was fighting with my boyfriend and he made me feel better. I am the WORST person on the face of this earth. I know I feel like it. If it's anything to you, try to listen to your heart because that is what my boyfriend is doing. And I cannot be more thankful. I want to work through this entire thing, if your significant other wants to work through it, that shows that they still love you, and they know they messed up. And they want to fix it all. That shows that they are ready for the consequences that are there.
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I don't think that I could trust them. I personally have been in a relationship like that for 7 years and time went bye as though we forgot about it, but as time went bye our love also went bye bye. If they are not truly faithful to you then they truly don't love you the way you deserve to be loved. I'm now remarried and have been for 5 years. Trust is something that we don't have a problem with. We both love each other so very much. We also both believe that when you make a vow to god, your friends, your family and each other then that is what you promise to do for all of eternity. If you realy want to stay in the relationship then I wish you the very best, But you will never truly experience the whole hearted fealing of what love truely is. Life is short live it well and love to be loved.
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You can' hard as you may try, it's still going to get to can drive you crazy literally. Once is bad enough, but twice...well, you're just asking for more heartbreak in the long run....Been there, done that.
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There exists absolutely no question on trusting the person who has cheated on you twice. If I was in your shoes, I would have never trusted that person EVER, EVER AGAIN. It is widely said and implemented that a person should be bestowed with only two chances and not a third one. That person will keep cheating on you till eternity! So it is better if you ditch him or her!
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Okk.. First time someone cheating ... That can somehow be forgiven only if that person really does prove they are sorry and I mean really sorry... Otherwise if  that person cheats on you again.... Come on ... Forget it will happen again because obviously that person didn`t get the fact that its wrong the first time so they truly aren`t worth it to begin with.... I would honestly drop the person after the first time ... And if they prove later on that they're sorry they might get a chance but slim one because without trust there is no Relationship at all !!! ITs just a waste of time!!
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Run, Run, Run, don't look back. You don't need the double cheater..... You deserve so much better. You are only use to daily contact with that person, Greive it, thats ok then move forward... You will soon walk tall...Pain of cheating is the worst pain possible.....
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Trust after cheating two times can't be gained easily...if a person breaks your trust once you can give him a chance but twice....amm well you can check the person...but don't trust him until you are fully sure that they wont do it again...may be you deserve better otherwise
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As in all these scenarios, it takes time and lots of it and some people actually never recover from this so just break up and go seperate ways. It definitely is not easy to regain someones trust or trust someone again after this and it takes a very special person to do it almost like being a Saint. The memory never goes away and the first time the phone rings. While shes not around, and hangs up upon answering it is probably yhe worst gut wrenching feeling in these cases. I apologize for my answer but figure you would rather have the whole truth and know whats exactly is going to happen here. I have many years of experience in helping people with their relationships and marriages so I know. Good luck
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Please dump him. Your only asking for misery. No matter what he says you can bet he is still cheating after cheating twice. You deserve so much better!!!! Show him that you respect yourself and won't put up with it anymore. You can do it!!!!! Good luck!!!
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Leave that loser, and don't trust that person again cheated once shame on them you let it happen again shame on you..
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It is very difficult to trust somebody who had cheated you twice. Out of my experience, What I say is do not trust, there is every chance of the person cheating you again. Bware
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Let them make it up to you, if theyre still around trying to fix things that says something.
Maybe they didnt have a consequence the first time which was why it happened . Try and work it out, life is for taking chances , and life is chance .
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I am in the same situation, have been going out with the guy for two years, compleatly in love, and have no idea what to do, how would I live without him ahhh, hopeless case here!!!
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I dated a guy for a year who was going through a divorce, knowing that I did want to be the transitional girlfriend I broke up with him and told him to come back when he was ready for a serious relationship. He came back and said he was fully committed to give me 100%. I found a month later that he was carrying on a three week relationship with woman he met at his gym. Then a month later he admitted to hooking up with a patient of his during the same month. I was devasted, he was remorseful and wanted another chance. We went to counseling but in I just could not get past it. When he did not call when he said he would or show up an hour late, my mind was running in all directions so I was going crazy. He recommened that I go to counseling to help get past it.  It was difficult but in the end he broke up with me because he said I did not do the work. I am so angry and upset. Unfortunately I still can not get over him and see him often because of our connections. I just need to figure out how to move on.
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I have been cheated twice I found my boyfriend with another girl in his bed room... I really don't knw what to do.. I guess you have to wait for it.. If he wants you hell come bk for you.. I'm waiting only for 4 months.. I have set a time limit until I finish with my uni.. So yeah... If you cn build up the trust within time do it... That what I'm doing...í waiting until I build that trust if I can't I'm not gona do it... Try to see if he changed if he loved you before.. And you can't ask the whole world what you cn do.. It you and your heart which tell you what to do.. It different from person to person.. So.. Think, watch and learn from what he will become ryt in frnt of you... If he changes treats you wel.. That all you need.. Love trust and support... Hope it works out for you.. The way you want :)
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I think you should give the person another
chance. Every day is a new day, so just hope that he or she will not betray you again and trust him once more. However, if you see that there is no difference in his attitude, then you should leave him or her.

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