How Do I Know My Boyfriend Won't Cheat On Me Again And Could I Ever Trust Him Agen?


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Sometimes truth hurts. Even when you found out he was cheating if he can't give you quality time. That means he still is cheating someone or something is occupying his time and it aint you. But I can't tell you to stay or go but follow your heart and if you still confused follow your first mind which is always right. I know you love him and you don't want to feel stupid.
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thank you 4 your advice.. I love him so much its being 4 days since he told me and the past 4 days he has being with me but its every time he goes home he talks to me like crap on the phone and I just don't no what to do many times I have tried to leave but I always go back
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I have this strong feeling he cheating me!but i ent sure and idont want to let go coz i love em alot and his so sweet!my weakness ihave is falling for guys so fly and iknow in the end am always the one to get heart broken!help!idont know what to do!
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Thank you for the advice. In my personal opinion chances are he will cheat again so don't be disappointed cause he has probably done it before to you or someone before you. I don't think he really loves you cause he would never do that.
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I think every man will cheat again! Once you caught them they will know how to escape it the 2nd or 3rd or even 10th to 20th time so once a cheater always a cheater and stats are higher for men cheating when you got kids and he is the father of your kids. Not all men are the same the first way to prevent it is if you do the right thing during your relationship so in the end if he does cheat you will never feel bad for being a faithful person throughout the relationship!And when you leave him finally trust me you will know better to what men you are looking for! Its all you! So my advice is just to be strong and always heads up! Because Carma will hit 10 times harder and trust me I've seen it and gone through it and it is real! Thanks for your time!
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Well it sounds like you love him very much but you know if he can't even tell you why he cheated on you in the first place then I'm sorry but I think you must let him go.  How can he not know why he cheated.  I feel very sorry for you and let me tell you another thing and that is that you will never be able to trust him again.  Ones that trust is broken then you can't get it back again.  Every time he works late or look at another woman you will think of him cheating.  Tell him that it is over it won't be easy and it will take you a long time to get over him but it is better this way.
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Look for someone else dear . Once a cheater always a cheater . And when he told you he did not know why He was lying because no one cheats for no reason . I hope I am not sounding to harsh but you seem like a nice girl and I am sure you deserve better. There are lots of nice boys out there who would love to have a beautiful girl like you , and would never even think of cheating.
Sweet♥ you have given this "man" 6 yrs that you will never ever get back...why would you want to give him anymore of your time?  Time does not come I suppose his cheating adventures do.  You are way out of this "guy's" league...move on...I promise you you will find happiness...if not I will mail you $1,000.00....and I don't even know you but I know his type & that is why I am so certain...okay lovie?  ♥Nassy

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