I've sorta cheated on my boyfriend of almost 6 years with multiple men and women. I say sorta because there was everything but sex involved in these relationships. He tells me i'm not aloud to have any guy friends anymore. Will he ever trust me again?


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Most likely not. Honestly you two should just end the relationship because there's no trust and no offense but you kind of blew it anyway.

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Ok.. I'll bite. I feel compelled to ask what exactly do you mean by cheating if it didn't involve sex.  Are you saying you had other friends that you hung around with ?  If so ... That is not cheating unless you've gone out of your way and lied to your boyfriend about having other friends. Cheating involves deception more than sex.

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Im saying cheating as in kissing and Nude photos and such. I lied to him alot to go see these people.

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If that is the case .. That is not "sort if cheating" that IS cheating. So if you feel it's ok to lie and cheat on him, and are only now concerned about it because now he knows about your lack of loyalty to him .. What reason does he have to think you won't continue with your inappropriate behavior and lack of good judgment?
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FYI .. "Sex" doesn't always involve intercourse .. It involves intimacy .. like kissing and sending nekid photos.

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