My Boyfriend Doesn't Believe Me When I Say I'm Not Cheating On Him (But Believes His Friends, Who Tell Him I Am). Does He Still Love Me?


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There are three reasons why your boyfriend might mistakenly accuse you of cheating, and believe his friends instead of accepting your account of things:

1. You've been acting strangely, and this has raised his suspicions.

2. He's insecure, and he's reading into things too much.

3. He's accusing you because he's got some guilt of his own that he's trying to cover up.

Why does he think I'm cheating on him?
Before discussing the ins-and-outs of your relationship, I think you need to make it clear to him that his friends need to butt out! He can choose to seek their advice if he wants, but they have no right to come between you and your man.

Now - as far as the cheating accusation goes - the only thing you can do is to explain that you're not doing anything wrong. Why not suggest that he spends more time with you to find out?

Or, try going out of your way to prove your devotion to him (even though you may feel that you shouldn't have to).

If he's just not listening to what you have to say and is still adamant that you've been unfaithful, then the best thing to do is to leave him. A relationship without trust is no relationship at all!
If he's smart enough, he'll realize what he's missing, and come running back. If he's dumb enough to believe his friends, then just let him walk away and make the biggest mistake of his life.
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It means he doesn't trust you and, without trust, your relationship is in major trouble. I can't say it means he doesn't love you, because I don't know why he suspects you to begin with.

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