Why Has My Boyfriend Stopped Talking To Me As Much?


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If your boyfriend has stopped talking to you as much, it could be due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, he may feel comfortable enough in the relationship to talk only when he has something to say, rather than feeling as though he has to make idle chitchat that some new couples feel the need to make. This would be classed as a comfortable silence and rather than feeling uncomfortable about it, he may simply feel happy that the relationship has progressed to a level that doesn't depend on constant communication.

Alternatively, he may have things on his mind and not want to burden you with them. Some people go through stages when they like to be quiet and are happy to be in their own space and think about things. There may be a problem with the relationship, and he may be uncomfortable in saying things that may hurt your feelings. He may simply not know what to say if this is the case. Men get hurt in the same way that women do and he may have become aware of something that he isn't comfortable with. He may be bottling up anger or blame and not know how to approach the subject.

Many couples will go through stages of not talking to each other as much, and the important thing is how you deal with it. Try setting aside some time for just the two of you and try out a new shared hobby, this could rekindle your relationship and give you both something new to talk about. The most important thing is to discuss the situation with him and let him know your feelings. He may not even be aware that you have concerns.
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I think you guys are getting it all wrong lol. The girl has said that she hasn't text him all day today. Meaning she texts him most-every day. I'm probably too late now, but I hope your relationship is still working out.

Anyway, the problem may not lie with him, but yourself. If you do text or wish to communicate with him at all minutes of the day, this may be great in the fairytale love and he may be someone you think about all the time, however it may not be the same for him.

This doesn't mean he doesn't love you, it just means he would also prefer to have his space, believe me~ I've now been with my girlfriend for over 5 1/2 years and, for some time it felt quite overbearing that she would text me all the time or wonder where I was/what I was doing etc. This then made me feel that she didn't trust what I was doing if I wasn't giving her my complete and utter attention.

Trust is a big thing about a relationship and if you don't trust your partner or your partner doesn't trust you, it's going to become a big problem. Perhaps your boyfriend just wants to have a bit more space to breathe, step back a bit, give him it. And if he really does love you, and is interested in you, after a bit he'll come to you.

It's a pattern I see continuously with me and my girlfriend, abscence makes the heart grow fonder as they say. Just as long as it's a mixture of give and take from the both of you~

I hope you're still together and all is well, and if not..maybe this answer will help someone else, take care.~
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Well may be he is unhappy with something, may be be he wants to say something but can't say to you directly. Maye be some miss understanding.

Well all you can do is love him more. But don't pamper him. Try to take out things out of his brain.

May be a friend will act more than a girlfriend. So try to be a friend rather than a girl friend.

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Ok masami101 don't say that ! Thats so not true--don't be so negative...if hes cheating on you he WOULD be texting her a lot because he would feel guilty.trust me it has happened to me ..don't worry though--guys are just like that...they don't talk to their girlfriends all day long,you have nothing to worry about!
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Well one day not enough to check if he loves or not. You should not text him for a few days and if he still not responds, just get rid of him. However, keep in mind how is his behavior with others. He might be the same kind of guy with every one.
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Basically you have two choices,you can continue the way you are or you can move on with your life,take a inventory of things and see if the way things are now are improving your life or your happiness and do what makes your life better and you happy good luck...
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I'm having the same problem. But I'm not sure if it's because he's sick and he's grumpy. What I've been doing is talking to his sister. I think he's just in a bad mood...so maybe the guy is just having other problems and he'll get over it soon
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Sometimes feelings change and this could mean he may be losing interest so I would say start trying to get over him now cause if he sees that you are stuck on him and won't ever leave him then he will end up hurting you all because you let him.
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you should be somewhat patient and try to ask him calmly what is the matter with him if he's not replying leave it and try to cheer him up I am sure he definitely loves you bye
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He might be shy tell him what you feel and he might change give it at lest  a week then if he changes then keep him if not his is just not interested anymore so throw him  away lol
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The best thing you can do is talk to him oranges...communication is vital in a growing relationship. If you really do love him you would humble yourself and chat to him...
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Maybe he has lost interest in you or is cheating on you or maybe is busy with some stuff that he is spacing out
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Dump him! He obviosly is not interested, no matter how cold that may sound. It is better to take the honors of dumping him rather than him dumping you. You will feel much better. And if you text him, call him, or communicate with him in anyway you will only hurt your self more. Live life good and ignore him. Its the best revenge =)

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