Is it cheating on your boyfriend if you kiss another guy on the cheek. Even if it means nothing to you and is more of a joke than anything?


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max atwood answered
No, thats not cheating.
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Ali Ali answered
No its not
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hailey jane answered
No its not cheating at all
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Anonymous answered

Terrible advice from everyone.  Yes it is cheating.  Nobody kisses a guy on the cheek as a joke.  It's your way of trying to dismiss your guilt and backpedal out of it.  If it didn't mean anything, then why would you do it?

The fact that you lied about why you did it tells me your boyfriend should not trust you.  It might not be severe cheating, but you show signs that you don't respect your boyfriend or his feelings.

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Maddie answered
Really it depends on what the guy thinks, but how you described it I'm guessing it's all right. Don't worry bout it :)
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Cassidy james answered
No it is not cheating because the kiss meant nothing and you have no feelings of that kind what so ever.
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Ifuku Esther answered
No dear I don't think that is cheating because you didn't mean it, like you said it was a joke.

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