What Does A Kiss On The Cheek Mean?


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A kiss on the cheek could mean anything. I couldn't possibly disagree more with the people who say a kiss on the cheek must mean "we're just friends." Some people don't get all hot and heavy, you know, and a kiss on the cheek is as much as they do, so a cheek-kiss could mean "I love you." At the same time, a lot of people "soul-kiss" without having the slightest bit of romantic interest in the people they're kissing. So don't even try to tell me that a kiss only "counts" if it's in a certain place.
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It's the easiest answer in the world. Nobody knows! I don't know, you don't know and after reading all these comments certainly no one really knows the answer(it's situational). Being anxious at first is completely normal when you're really start getting to know someone and she made the first move by kissing you on the cheek. So there's your icebreaker and you can you definitley can tell her how you feel(it's win/win lucky bastard). She either has a crush on you or she's a good sincere friend that you could tell anything too. A friend like that, you can talk to about anything!
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I kissed a guy on the cheek. I don't consider myself his girlfriend I actually consider myself his mistress. He's married. When I kissed him it was a simple gesture that I did love him but I respected his wishes to remain solely his  "special lady" as he calls me. A kiss on the cheek is about love that may never be allowed to flourish in my eyes. Men if a woman ever kisses you on the cheek....rush and kiss her on the lips. Because you are on the verge of losing her.
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I think that she is trying to tell you that she likes you, and she wants you to go after her. Don't think of it as a raincheck though because now that you told her you only want to be friends she is likely going to move off and find a guy who will be her boyfriend.
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She accepts your decision to be just friends. The kiss on the cheek is a sign of trust and respect. She still respects you and cares for you, that is why she gave you a kiss on the cheek.
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Well it means to me that my boyfriend wanted to kiss me on the lips but instead he surprised me with a kiss on the cheek and he want to show me that he loves me and he wants to show how much he loves me by giving me a kiss on the cheek. When he did that we almost kissed again and that time maybe on the lips.
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Me and my friend went to winterjam last night. She is my best friend I've never asked her out but I like her and she likes me. We've exchanged I love yous almost everyday at night. But anyways on the ride home I was very quiet and she asked what's wrong. I said nothing then she cuddles up next to me holds my hand and asks. No tell me. I'm quiet just sit there kinda thinking and smiling to myself. Then I say. I wanted to kiss you tonight. She giggles and says I wanted you to kiss me to. She's quiet for a second then says look forward and kisses me on the cheek. It was really sweet ^^ but I'm not sure if she wants me to kiss her on the lips sometime?
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If She Kissed You On The Cheek She Prom Likes You So What I Would Do Is Flirt Wit Her For A Lil And Take Her Somewer Alone Just You And Her And Say It In A Good Way Say It Right Awayy She Might Leave You So Be Cool A Lil And Flirt With Her A Lil Then Ask Her Out She Might Say No/Yes If She Says Let Me Think About Say No Tell Me Now.

-Bryan Gul.

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What was said by her at the time? [That would help define my answer greatly.] I see it as meaning that she is relieved and the feeling is amicable...♥nassy
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Someone plz help me I am a girl teem and my guy and I have been dating for 4 years and he grabbed me arm really hard and it hurt should I just act like nothing happened? Why would he hurt me,should I act like nothing happened or break up with him?
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I mean teen
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It depends on the context in which the kiss on the cheek occurred.  After a horrible fourth date, I gave a guy a lingering kiss on both sides of his cheeks while holding his face.  The meaning in my gesture was a "bittersweet farewell".  I wanted to convey that despite what had happened, I still cared for and respected the guy - BUT, the prospect of seriously dating him in the future was simply not going to happen.  In response, he hugged me and it allowed us to part ways amicably - with dignity.  And so, to your answer, the kiss means respect and acceptance.
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If a girl kisses you on the cheek and she's dating you already, it means she's almost but not  quite making the first move and wants you to kiss her on the lips in return -- it's like an indication that she wants you to kiss her.

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Ok this is what it means if she kisses you on the cheek then she feels the same way you do!And if you want to know what it means to her ask her how she feels!I hoped this has helped!
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I'm trying 2 get that answer 2 but I think she likes you but she may be a little shy and she just didnt want 2 go 2 fast and make you feel uncomfortable
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Well for me I think he just want make you happy and kiss on cheek its not like he love you or showing the real love I mean inside his heart has someone else but he just showing a kiss from cheek to you that he love you and the other girl too..and b/c he want to kiss b/c he love the other girl more and he want to kiss that girl and hug but its not that girl so he just hug you and just gave a kiss for you..and that what I did before..my boyfriend he like my friend so I just let go and break up with it..but we still good friend and I don't hate her..That not I guess but I think
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I got she got carried away by her feelings that's why she kissed you.  But because you used to be friends only, she kissed you on the cheeks.
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No, I think that was her way of saying she is sorry you feel that way, but kissed you on the cheek to indicate the "friendship" kiss. 

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