How Do You Have A First Kiss And What Does It Feel Like?


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My first kiss -- I was 16 at the time.  We were talking and looking into each other eyes.  He move toward me his lip parted, at that moment I knew he was going to kiss me. I almost closed my eyes bit I didn't. He slid his arm are me and paused for a moment and came closer to me , his eyes got larger.  His other hand brush my face and went through my hair and behind my head.  He pull me closer to him. I saw his lips open wider I close my eyes then and open my lips for him. God this only took a few seconds for him to position his self around me but it felt for ever as I felt his hand around my waist and up my back and my bra pulling me toward him. God it was a very exciting moment my heart was pounding, I never felt this way before I want him to love at that moment ! 
I felt his lips against mine my arms went around his neck I pull him close to me wanting to feel his body against my breast.  Squeezing his body my closer to me I felt my nipples started bulge I push them against his body. I felt something in side me wanting him to love me. 
Too bad every kiss is not like that bit  want them to be.  
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This is how my first kiss happened. It might have some similarities to what you might experience. My friend kept looking into my eyes and I kept looking into his and before you knew it we were kissing. Long gazing into one another's eyes is a very good sign; however, both of you need to be at this point. I really hope your first kiss is as special as mine was; I'm sure it will be. Trust your instincts. Peace
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Physically? If you make a fist and rest your thumb on your second knuckle, and kiss the area that is where you thumb meets your pointer, a bit like that. Not exactly, but it gives an idea.

Emotionally? If it's good, it's like your heart will explode with butterflies and joy. You forget to breath ad all you can do is smile and feel love wash over you. Amazing.
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Well my first kiss was very special. We both knew that we wanted to kiss each other but we were both very shy and kinda skeered too, we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and shared a plate of spagettie we both took a noodle at opposite ends and ate it until our lips met, everyone was standing and clapping by the time we got done, did I mention that his family owned this restaurant , I will never forget bob or that first kiss
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Lol I don't want to bring you down, but your first anything isn't ever all its cracked up to be, if you go into it without expectations I'm sure the experience will be better
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I was 13 when I had my first kiss(this year),he is 14.we were alone in his room,actually studying.but then we got tired,so decided to have a chat.we chat on lots of things and it proceeds to the topic KISS.he asked me if I dare to kiss,but I didnt know what to answer so I ask him back.he said he dare but I say I don't believe,then he said in that case ,try him.he close the study lamp and turn on his bedside lamp,when we were ready,he leaned in and our lips touched!both of us forgot to breathe as it is our first kiss.soon,we parted.I ask him whats his feeling,he said he was trembling,so am I!!(I did not close my eyes while we were kissing as we didnt close the bedroom door and I was afraid that his mother would saw it.her room is just next to his.)

the following day we  kissed 2 more time(just the lip touching type),then he ask me if I want to try tongue kiss,I thought that he was just bluffing,so I teased him that he dare not do it.but I was wrong!when tongue touch my lips ,I immediately parted as I was really frightened!so,I think I will keep my first tongue kiss till when I'm older,but I wonder what does tongue kiss feels?
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I've never been kissed.

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Well, my first kiss was awkward, I guess they all tend to be that way. My second one was nice ^-^ if it's with the right person, it should be great for you too :)

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My first kiss is very very very special I was 15 years old and I was in egypt  specific in pyramids area I was with my lover and he is my husband now and I am now 22 years old but we are remember our first kiss very well because I was afraid and when he kissed me I kissed him ether then I left him very quickly then he run to get me back to him ,but when he looked in my eyes he saw that I really did not want this now even I love him because we are muslims so he smile and kissed my hand and my hair and told me he is really love me in all situations we are in love to now ,, we start the 9 year from 2 months and I will stay love him forever.. I hope all women feel like me

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