On a date, how do/did you go in for a first kiss? Did you ask? Was it awkward?


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How did I go in?:  I'm a lady.  I didn't.

Did (he) ask?:  The ones who didn't want black eyes did.

Was it awkward?:  Sometimes.


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My first kiss wasn't on a date . . . It was in the back of a mansion under a full autumn moon.

Literally this Mansion and this spot:

On an actual date with my wife (before marriage) it was that awkward moment of silence . . . When you decide to lean in or not . . .

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Perry Nuttal
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I think its great that you've got this photo. A lean in feels more romantic than asking. Its hard gaging signals. Still if they are dating you that must say something.
Darik Majoren
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It was called something different when I was there, and you might recognize it from "Cider House Rules" . . it is the orphanage from that movie . . .
It used to house people from my church, and there was a restaurant that my mother worked at in there . . . The owner used to give me and my friend free Ice Cream sundaes if we swept the dining rooms after school . . .
Girls name was Diane Askey . . .
Perry Nuttal
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Yes I've seen that good but sad film. That is impressive. With a name like that you was bound to get a kiss "Askey"
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