When did you go on your first date? Get your first bf/gf? First hold hands? Have your first kiss? First make out? What was it like?


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My first date was with a guy named mike in 7th grade my first legit bf was my neighbor and 1st hold hands no clue at 4th grade my 1st kiss was 9th grade with Shane 1st make out 9th grade with josh not sure how to describe it all but u only get a first kiss once so enjoy it lol
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First kiss was 7th grade and it wasn't all that special because me and my boyfriend were about to get in trouble, it was before 1st hour and we were in a small corner and had already gotten glared at by a teacher before she FINALLY left. It was a quick kiss before leaving...boring.
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My first date was in the Avenue. We ate at Panera Bread, both our favorite little restaurants. He held my hand by the candy shop when we walked around. He drove me back home and I leaned against his car. He kissed me. Our first make out was on our second date in a meadow all alone at sunset in a garden. We laid in the meadow after and I layed on his chest and we held hands and told secrets. Romantic!!
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And btw, we are still together. Our year anniversary is in 3 days and we live together. We are going on vacation tomorrow for our year!!
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But how old were you?

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