What's your first kiss story?


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Mine was with my now husband when we were 13/14 on my birthday we were at school he suddenly pulled me up from the bench and kissed me then asked me out in front of everyone and we've been together ever since which is nearly 10 years :) it makes me smile just thinking about it :D
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Well I was chilling in my friends and we was sat on the couch watching benidorm he had his arm round me I looked up at him and he looked down at me and kissed us and after that day I was really happy until he played mind games with me and we split up.
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My first kiss I remember I was in Pre School I must have been about 9 I think, her name was Joanne Gallagher, and yes I am kissing and telling it was a long time ago, after school we went to the woods and thats when it happens, so happenes it turned into a regular thing on a daily basis right up until I left and went to high school, then I never saw her again
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Well my story is a horror story because I hated my first kiss. It was out of peer pressure when I was 9 by my 15 years old cousin. No one knows either=/
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I was dating this guy..and we walked out the school doors and we went to the tree in the yard, and I gave him a hug. I started to walk away but he pulled on my backpack and so I turned around and he pulled me towards him and we kissed first then started to make out. I was 12 at the time and he was the sexiest man alive to me at least at that time in my life.

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