How Do You Know If A Guy Is Not Being Honest And Just Telling You What You Want To Hear?


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That is just something you have to learn in life, is how to properly read people, look for signs such as fidgeting, looking away while talking, swallowing hard... Ect....
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They are telling you what they think you want to hear. You may very well be attractive, but they say things like that to flatter you, they think it's an easy way to get you to do what they want. Don't fall for it. Smile and say thank you if they give you a compliment, but don't think for a second that they wouldn't say the exact same thing to the next girl who comes along.
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Well you can do a test on him like wear the shirt you think its so ugly and ask him for his opinion
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Maybe they're trying to flirt with you. See like kmo said, you have to learn how to read them. It's the way how they act when they're telling you how you look nice today.
Having a high self-esteem and you wont let anything hurt your feelings. If a guy tell you that you look nice today, tell yourself,"I know I do cause I did wanted to look nice today." but tell them a polite "thank you" and don't let their compliments bother you in a bad way. There are many men out there who are just being nice.
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Yeah, but all the same, men don't bother being nice to women if they don't fancy them. It's like if a boy sits next to you when he could sit next to someone else - he wouldn't sit next to you if he didn't like you, he'd sit next to someone he liked.
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karmabum, I do agree on that one too. *smiles*

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