Why Now A Days People Are Becoming More Selfish?


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We live in a world that asks one huge question everyday....(how does this benefit me?) So many now dont think of others the way we used to. Like it or not the world has become a harsher colder place to live & we have to adapt. I always live by hope that there are plenty of people who enjoy doing for others & doing kind acts with no price tag attached.
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Because people nowadays, particularly in the affluent Western world now have many material possessions and it seems to be a trait in human nature that the more they get the more they want or never satisfied. Materialism rules. It has become the   symbol of success.   But success is measured in many ways.
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Cuz they have more things
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Because of money
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Same reason why people are more greedy today.
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Cuz they r growin up
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Have to disagree with that one. Ever heard of R.A.K.s random acts of kindness.try it you may like it.i saw a guy in a broke down beater s-10 that looked like he was having a really bad day waiting in line at the mcdonalds drive through and i was ahead of him in line so i asked the guy at the window how mich his meal was and then paid for it. I left as he approached the window and he had no idea who in the world i was to him other than a stranger.but i know it affected the rest of his day. Con't
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Just pointing out not all grown ups/people are selfish and sometimes you have to think about what they are going through in life. Most poeple like me know God/Jesus gave us the ultimate example to not be selfish. I'm not tooting my own horn just pointing out that anyone can do random acts of kindness even in the act of paying for a strangers meal or a bus fair or a cab ride.as Jesus says when you do this for the least of these(people you don't know/are down in the dumps) you have done it to me.
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Because some people don't care about others, they don't have much time are more worried about their self
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I Guess Because They Are Becoming More Self Absorbed.. In A Way ..The World Gets More And More Hurried . With I Phones. I Pads. MP3 Players.. Blackberries No One Wants To Talk Face To Face Anymore It's All About Texting And Emailing. Maybe That's Why?
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Because they are now saying "one for one,and all for me",peolpe used to say"one for all and all for everyone"
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Please   explain your idea of selfish first then i will give a answer according to your guidelines.people are not necessarily selfish but instead maybe it could be self preservation as people today are trying to survive paycheck to paycheck or day to day. So by your question you would have to give me your idea of selfish as in what setting/conditions you are saying people are selfish .what are the circumstances when you see selfishness from your viewpoint.in other words you may need to walk a mile in their shoes before saying they are selfish.

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