How to tell if a guy is flirting with you or he is just a flirt with everyone? Also how do you tell if he likes you?


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If a guy usually flirts with everyone, he will probably be quite well known for possessing this characteristic! 

That means a lot of your mutual friends will be able to attest to that fact. So first of all, try asking around, maybe not directly but indirectly, to get a sense of the type of guy he is. If it seems he is just a 'flirt', it is possible that he is just being himself around you, as he is with everyone else.

If you come to find that he is not generally known for being this way, there is a good chance that he is flirting with you because he likes you. Look out for other signs such as: 

  • eye contact
  • body language 
  • subtle verbal language that may imply that he has more than just platonic feelings for you

These are all physical  clues that hint that someone might have feelings for you. However, in order to know for sure, there's no way around simply asking - and seeing what response you get. If you're not keen on making the first move, why not try flirting back and seeing how he reacts. 

If you manage to spend enough time alone together, I'm sure he'll make his feelings known fairly soon.

I hope this helps

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Lia Tan answered

Well you have to see if he behaves similarly or the same towards you and other girls. That requires observation. Every person flirts differently so you'll just have to learn to pick the signs from this guy. Generally speaking, when people are flirting their bodies are face towards one another, they unconsciously groom themselves (straightening out clothes, hair, etc.), and they may lean towards one another. There is also usually a spark in their eyes when they are talking to their interest that is hard to explain in words but that you just know when you see.

Anyway, telling if he likes you or not is a different story. He may be flirty towards you but that doesn't always means that he likes you. There are people out there (myself included from time to time) who enjoy flirting with other people just because it's fun and it actually helps them get to know others better. It doesn't mean that they like them, they just find flirting enjoyable which isn't all that uncommon. So if you think that he's flirting with you, then you can at least take that as a good sign that he is interested in you whether that is as a friend or something more. From here you can take it further by flirting with him back. Mutual flirting is usually how things can progress to something romantic. Once you are closer, just invite him to do things during your free time and see how things go with that.

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