If A Guy Stares At You Smiling, Is He Flirting?


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Well,guys flirt differently. Some of flirting is with words and tone of voice,others are body language...its either that,or he thinks your pretty,and he can't help but to smile,ive seen a girl that I thought was beautiful,and I couldnt help but smile. Its not always flirting,some guys like to smile,but yaaaaaaa....but some girls like guys smiles,so maybe hes trying to get your attention.  he might b a perverted creep if he stares all the time,but don't always assume all the time.. 
WELL see what what happens hun if he doesn't make a move then he was just looking if he smiles and makes a move he likes you hope this help hun :)
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Okay I am a new student  at a new school and there's this guy that sometimes stares at I don't know him. When he sees me coming he comes next to me but doesn't talk he waits for the bell to ring and wait for everyone to go and  when I go he goes but he has a girlfriend
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Well, not saying he doesn't like you but don't go jumpin 2 conclusions right away! Give it some time then you will know. Hope he does good luck!!!!!

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