Why do some guys stare at you and not look away or smile when you look back?


6 Answers

emma loveees youuu xo Profile
Ummm maybe they are just so lost in your beauty that they forget to look away or smile =P xx lol
Brady Profile
Brady answered
They're probably zoned out and not really focusing on anything.  I do it all the time.
April Obregon Profile
April Obregon answered
I wonder the same thing, either there mesmerized by your beauty, imagining yhu naked, imagining what it would be like to be with you or just plain like yhu, mayb they just wana be noticed. It depends on the guy n his motives which is the hard part.
Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
Man I always wonder that, well maybe they just can't stop looking at some girls beautiful face lol((:
Tannis Mitchell Profile
Tannis Mitchell answered
I think the same thing! Maybe because they want to have a strong connection between the two. Or maybe they don't think what theyre looking at. So they keep staring.

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