Does it mean anything when this guy i work with stares at me alot and when i look at him back he doesnt look away he just stares at my me intensley for 5 sec?


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Araya Lioness Profile
Araya Lioness answered

Sounds to me that he's interested in you. Approach and talk to him.

LiftedTruck Redneck Profile

Go talk to him. You'll never know anything if you don't talk to him. "Stare at him until he agrees to marry you" is the sarcastic advice I give everyone. He could be interested in you but shy, you could have something on your face, he doesn't notice he's staring at you because he's lost in fantasy land, or he could just be a total whack job and want to date your sister. The possibilities are endless, go figure it out! :)

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It sounds like a surreal situation. If he reminds you of Norman Bates, you may want to quit your job and move to another city without leaving a forwarding address.

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Megan goodgirl answered

yeah he might like you.

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