Does my crush like me back? He stares at me during class, if I catch him staring at me he'll look away quickly or keep staring and blush a little. He sometimes touches me. He smiles at me. He blushes when I talk to him and smiles too.


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David Bedard answered

SOUNDS like a yes to me, If i were you I'd pop the question and if you want to make it le ses weird yo can ask over text. I'm sure he will say yes. Good luck :D

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Impossible to say .. His behaviour could be explained by .. Considering HE is YOUR crush .. My guess is you are the one who is staring most of the time .. Your attention towards him makes him uncomfortable and awkward and he simply doesn't know how to handle it.

Instead of playing games about who is looking at who and if there are any hidden messages .. Take a more direct approach and just talk to him.  Then you will know if there is any special interest.

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