How Can I Handle Having A Fiance That Is Bisexual?


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It depends on your situation.  I am bisexual, engaged to a straight man, but I am faithful to him, and generally I prefer men.

In a relationship, the character of a person counts more.  My fiance loves and trusts me because he knows I won't cheat, he knows my situation doesn't mean I'll just cheat with a woman because I may think she's cute.
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Unless you are into sharing then you probably can't handle the Bisexual Fiance. Unless they are totally committed to you as they should be then the bisexuality and how to handle such a person should not even be an issue.
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Is this something you don't like if it is you need
to think if you want her for your wife and think hard
and long
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I'm not sure i really agree with CountVak because there's no telling how things would swing what if THEY are plottin against you the whole way through what then??
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Then as I stated they are not totally committed! They shouldn't be a fiancé. The Bisexual issue to me is a sham anyway as if someone is committed as a furnace then there should be no other ever!

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