How Old Do You Have To Be To Kiss A Boy?


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Any age at all
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Alayna Best
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It all depends on when you fall in love, and how fast the relationship is going. You may fall in love tomorrow, but not get a kiss out of it for a year. Or, you could get one next week, or next month. Either way, there is no age limit.
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It doesent matter the age
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You can be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and so on. It is not a law but get to far, you have to be 18 i think, and pretty sure thats right
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I dont think it matters how old you are but with on who you plan on kissing. You know like does he like you?, do you hang out alot?, do your friends get along?..things like that cause i can bet your little sister probably liked that boy, so find one that likes you.
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It dosent matter just fa=follow your heart and dreams
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It doesnt really matter unless ur parent says u cant kiss anybody  until your ______   age lol

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