How many people embarassed themselves when kissing the first time?


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Yeah, that is normal response of  engaging in your first  kiss with someone and It is all related  to  Shyness, Being the first  time, You heart pitter patters thats all nerves, i am older and I would most likely experience  the same effect , Like  i did when i kissed my  very first  girlfriend now my ex-girlfriend, Never be shamed  to kiss  it's a  way  that  two people who care for one another and or  love  one another share  their  relationship And share their  love for one another
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Ha ha no. I thought it would be but it wasn't. I think afterwards I said something like "I thought that'd be awkward" and then he said something along the lines of us being both awkward people and so when everybodies awkward nobodies awkward. Then I (the logical one) challenged his theory saying we weren't the only two people in the world making his statement invalid. And him (being the romantic) said he felt like we were the only two people. And then I 'awwweed' him and then we laughed and listened to some more music. Hah :)
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I was drunk at the time --> and didn't even know her...but ye i think i did well :D
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Not every time, but A LOT of the time. I got my first 2 kisses in spin the bottle. It's easier to do when you know you're just friends, but for some it might be weird... I think most people are awkward with their first kiss.
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It's been 45 years since that first kiss, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was the aggressor; he was a few years older than I.  His nephew recently joined my workplace ... No, I haven't told him.  YES I was embarrassed back then; I had no idea how to kiss but went at it wholeheartedly.  This was the seventies, folks, last century.  There was no internet, no way to find out about things in the puritan world that responded very negatively to Woodstock.  My first kiss accepted it well, never got handsy, was maybe a bit embarrassed himself.  His nephew tells me he's quite important at his church these days; he always was a strong Christian. 

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