How to kiss a girl for the first time?


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jim jhons Profile
jim jhons answered
You should just kiss her and not worry about it. But if you can talk to her about it and ask what she would like you to do differently or the same it will really help you in pleasing her as well as yourself. Don't be afraid to talk about things.
Farhan Khan Profile
Farhan Khan answered
Well it's so simple to kiss a girl. All you need is to be close enough to that girl, then you take her in your arms, there should not be any distance between you both and then take some time to talk to her and relax and start kissing her in this way. You can do it dude.
Nick Kirichenko Profile
Nick Kirichenko answered
Thank you both I hope it goes all well
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Nothing to it but to just do it and with time and practice youll become good and learn your own techniques
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
If she is quite shy, but you know she's giving you the opportunity, keep your eyes open, move slowly, lips only, no tongue! Comming from a's more gentile, to ask first. Look her straight in the eyes, with that puppy look that all guys give, that all girls love, ( at that moment ) and say, "May I kiss you?". Even then....No Tongue!. Be a gentleman! If she gives tongue, then all bets are off. Lol
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Anonymous answered
Puch up you're lips and move towards her and touch her with you're lips
Sylver Fox Profile
Sylver Fox answered
Get close to the girl really slow (and this is important because you don't want to hit her), part your lips slightly, then gently press them against the girl's lips. Make sure you don't hit her teeth. That hurts.
henu mathers Profile
henu mathers answered
Best use your own words, but this is the technique, come closer to her mouth 90%, and give her the 10% if she takes the 10%, means she allows you to kiss her, don't take the whole 100%

and no tongue !!
Mark/Nikki Hendrickson Profile
Look into her eyes. You can almost always tell if she wants you to kiss her. Lean your head in towards her. If she moves closer, then kiss her, but if she backs off, a nice hug will work. Good luck :)
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vickie hoo answered
I think the best time to kiss her is when you send her home and say goodbye.
If she accept your kiss, I think she will accept your love, or you have no next step.
Brittany Dillon Profile
Brittany Dillon answered
If it's your first date with her, I wouldn't kiss her. Wait for the next date, if you go and kiss her right away she might not think you're respectful. Give it time, when your both ready, it'll happen. Good luck

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