Why Is It So Popular For The Kids Now To Go Into The Bathroom And Take Pictures Of Themselves In There?


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Remember you asked : ) - this is why they should not have a cell phone that is picture capable. And further why they only need a emergency cell phones(until they are ready and of age to pay the price for their actions legally) only with numbers that are used in a  emergency  like parents,close friends and police and fire and maybe the paramedics and poison hotline.the reason they do this is their idols(did you notice they call themselves idols instead of stars funny how that little word changes how people look upon them/you know false idols) do it and it's the only place  where no one will usually bother them : ). Especially after their parents have told them it's against the law(well maybe they have  not told them and that is why they are doing it) and they don't want them doing it.my friend had to take away a phone he gave to the son of the woman he was dating just for this reason ,because the kids don't get in trouble the parents do. They end up paying a hefty fine or having their kid put in juvenile hall for a month. And if it is at the right age they can be labled as a sex offender for life by doing what they think is funny or to just fit in. But i think you already knew this.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I totally agree with you there, I wouldn't let her have a phone other than for emergencies, and for contacting me. That is IF I were to let her have one. I see no reason for it. I have a phone, and if she wants to talk to her friends, she can do that from my phone, and in my sight. I do let her do things away from me, she isn't on lockdown 24/7, but, I am responsible for her, and that is just the way it is. I have to be responsible so that she will be too. GREAT ANSWER DEAR!!!!
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WOW!  That's a new one on me!  Didn't know they were doing this sort of weird stuff.  I am soooo glad my kids are grown, BUT, now I have grandkids that I have to worry about.  I'd like to have somone give a good answer to your question.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Hon, if you look at the avatars in people's friends lists, you will come across many of them, even of facebook they are doing this. They are also dressing very provocatively. I worry about these girls in particular, because it's so easy for them to fall prey to a not so nice person. This is another reason that I monitor what my Tigger does on the computer. I look at her avatars, she isn't allowed on fb or myspace, and until she is older, then she isn't going to either.
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If I were to let her join them, it would be with me being right there, and checking out who her friends were. I don't need the pervs out there trying to get to her. (guess that comes from having to have dealt with that as a kid myself). With as pretty as she is, I think I am justified in being protective, I should send you a couple pics of her to you. ^_^
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Yes, would very much like to see a pic of her! And I will have to start watching some of these blurters on here!
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Oh that so true, so so very true, i have some friends on face book that take lots of photo of them selves in their bath rooms, still don't know why they mostly do it there.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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See what I mean, there isn't a point to it other than they are in the bathroom, and that they are showing themselves off in it. Gross if ya ask me. Lol
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Idk, I`ve never noticed it...but that's weird. Why would someone insist to take a picture in the bathroom?
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I'm in the dark on that one. Glad my kids are older, didn't think they could find anything more weird to do.
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Well I tend to take a lot of pictures in the bathroom. However, I'm not "taking care of business" or anything...and I am fully clothed. I usually take pics in the bathroom b/c there is better lighting and pics come out better looking if you use a mirror and take the pic of yourself from the mirror.....(IDk if that made sense or not) but I stand in the bathroom in front of my mirror and take a picture of my reflection through the mirror!!!! Lol
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Yes, but you are showing every one your bathroom, which is a very private place, and posting it on the internet for all to see. I just think that is too much for people to see about you, that's all.
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I understand what you are saying, but honestly it's not a big deal. If you have seen one bathroom you have seen them all. Everyone uses a toilet, shower/tub. There is nothing really private about it, unless you are using your facility. The only thing someone is going to find out about me or know about me from my pictures is that my bathroom is decorated in skull and cross bones....nothing too private about that. Also, I come from a younger generation...so it seems more acceptable to me.
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Whoa never seen that one lol. That's odd. Why DO they do that lol? I mean it's so inappropriate to do that lol. I think they want to catch people's attention lol. I have a older cousin that has Facebook and she said she saw  people doing that in their pics o_O and they dress kinda weird lol no offence. Sorry this doesn't answer your questions lol
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No, you are right! They wear terrible clothing that makes them look cheap, and easy. Can't say that too much for the boys, but, this is what it looks like to me. I think they are making bad names for themselves when they do this. I especially wouldn't put the picture on the internet either, once on the internet, IT'S THERE FOREVER!!! How do they tell their kids if that is seen someday?
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They are, well, stupid. They don't think far ahead and think that if they send a picture of themselves to their friends, that s the end. But what they don't know is how dangerous the internet is, and what could result in a, what they think of as innocent, picture being sent to a boyfriend or best friend.

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