I'm getting back together with my ex, she's pregnant with my kid and I really want to be there for her and the baby. (take responsibility.. I'm so nervous and so happy.) I'm going to be there for her. What can I do to help before the baby comes?


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Details: She's still in school, 18 years old, I'm 20. I'm working and doing everything she asks and needs me too. I'm on cloud nine! So happy to make this work! But I feel like this isn't enough. What else can I do?

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At least you're taking responsibility! I'm so happy you guys are going to make it work. So she was your special lady :3 You said she's still in school, you're working to provide, taking care of her... You're doing great. There is a lot to expect... Just continue to be there for her, she's going through big change, well, both of you are.

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Congratulations! I have to say I agree with those who encourage you to attend a trade school....better paying jobs. As far as helping during her pregnancy, just be there for her! Support her, encourage her. In the meantime, start preparing yourselves for baby! Diapers.....diapers.....diapers!

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Thanks! I'm really happy and excited! But completely terrified as well.!!! I'm going to community college and she's a senior in highschool... Again, thank you, so muchhh!!!
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You're welcome!
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Get informed. Find out what help and support is available out there before the baby is born. Also start stocking up on the things you guys will need, but don't over do it.

People often make the mistake of buying way to many young baby clothes, when in reality the baby will grow out of them in a few weeks/months.

Good luck, and don't be afraid to seek more advice on here along the way. I'd love to help where I can!

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Plan for your financial security which in turn will offer your child security. Do your research about how to care for a child .. Talk to your doctor about where to find the proper information about raising a child. There is a LOT you will need to know .. And getting your information from reliable sources is extremely important.

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Sheesh who the heck wants to be in your situation at 20. I definitely would not be doing all that yet, im 20 too.

But anywho, take care of that kidd-o--!

At first I thought you said you were divorced as well! (previously married) I  was like "at 18!?"  ah well: Goodluck  :D

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